10 Best Dovetail Saws Reviews for Beginners [Final Picks]

Best Dovetail Saws

Our handsaw purchases are typically based on how much we can get for the least amount of money. Unfortunately, this shopping method tends to leave users with saws underpowered, undersized and simply under-everything. Even the most expensive dovetail saw on the market is less than a trip to Disney word. And over time, peruse, it’s economical.

You need to have genuine battle scars over the years, not generalizations, because the manufacturer didn’t know how to fix a handle without tear-out, fit a back or perfect some brass. Like you, I’ve taken my medicine and learned from my mistakes.

For this reason, we have pulled information on the 10 best dovetail saws available today.

List of the Best Dovetail Saws Review

You know dovetail saw is hand saw which a user takes to dove cut means joint cut. We listed the top 10 saw through analyzing the performance on material, long-lasting, easy to use, and precious cutting. We talked to one more user before taking a saw in this list. You can go to the product page by clicking below. But I recommend you plz, try to read a few words of that product review it must give extra information that can help you buy the right one.

Budget Friendly

SUIZAN Japanese 6 Inch Dozuki Dovetail Pull Saw

Zona 35-380 Dovetail Saw, 8" Length Blade

  • Has an exceptionally thin kerf for precision dovetail cuts
  • Very lightweight to easy use
  • Helps to make an nice shape
  • Works well with any wood
  • Easy to replace the blade

Overall Good

Razorsaw 9-1/2 inch Dovetail

Razorsaw 9-1/2" Wide Blade Dovetail

  • Perfect sharpen teeth allows smooth and precious cut 
  • Hard coated expand blade 
  • Comfort handle for better grip
  • Offers up to 3.5" tenon depth
  • Gives a glass smooth finish

1. SUIZAN Dovetail Pull Saw for Woodworking

SUIZAN Japanese Hand Saw Dovetail Pull Saw

Expert Opinion

“I wish I’d gotten this sooner. I owned a similar saw that lacked rigid back and spine of this model. I’m now able to make precise cuts on the line without any wobble. And, the price tag is affordable. I don’t know if it’s for me, but pulls saws are superior than push saws” says Patrick j. lynch

What Users Like
  • Lighter in weight for better control and moving
  • Its sharp teeth creates narrow kerf
  • Requires less power to make a wider variety of woodworking products
  • Smooth and precise cuts
  • The resulting edge is cleaner
  • Sharp and thin blades those are very easy to remove and interchange.
  • Highly affordable
  • Ideal for beginners
What Users Don't Like
  • The saw has very narrow notches
  • The handle needs to be burnished

Discussion about SUIZAN

Made from 0.02” thick Japanese steel, the Suizan Japanese Handsaw 9.5” Dozuki is an excellent option for accurate crafting. Like other similar saws, the saw features an easy to replace sharp blade once it wears out.

The saw makes faster and cleaner cuts, thanks to its higher tooth count. A vinyl cover on the outside keeps the saw clean when not in use. On the rip side, there is 9 TPI tooth count while the crosscut point got 15 TPI.

This best Japanese dovetail saw for maximum control allows cutting back when pulled backward and not when pushed forward. The long rattan-wrapped handle provides a total length of 24 inches. This allows for easy shifting of the fulcrum when necessary.

Key Features

  1. Has a two-sided design for crosscutting and ripping
  2. Top-quality Japanese steel
  3. Features a 9.5-inch long blade
  4. A long handmade wooden handle for power and comfort
  5. Manufactured in Japan.

What Makes SUIZAN Different?

SUIZAN handsaw 9.5 inch has a sharp blade that is rigid enough to be useful and also flexible for versatility purposes. Also, many users are amazed to see how the teeth are heat treated. This helps to harden the teeth while keeping a sharper edge for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum depth of cut I can get with this saw?

A: 2-1/4 inch before the wood hits spine. At the narrowest end, it cuts 47mm, while the broadest end is 58mm.

Q: Will this rust?

A: Since the saw is made of high-quality Japanese steel, it’s unlikely to rust.

Q: Does this product come with replacement blades?

A: No. However, you can easily order replacement blades on Amazon.

2. Razorsaw 9-1/2" Wide Blade Dovetail

Razorsaw 9-1/2 inch Dovetail

Expert Opinion

“I already own a dovetail Japanese saw. However, I decided to get this Razorsaw due its wider blade. This gives me the freedom to use the magnetic dovetail jig and make deeper cuts. Highly accurate, quality construction as well! Spine is adequately stiff to get a better kerf, even though this doesn’t seem to be a concern,” says Jose R. Velez

What Users Like
  • Less energy required to use the tool
  • An extended handle for better grip and the use of both hands when needed.
  • Very flexible due to multiple cutting positions allowed by the saw.
  • A narrow kerf allows making clean and precise cuts.
What Users Don't Like
  • The long-handle design is not popular for many users.
  • The handle cannot fit into a toolbox.

Discussion about Razorsaw

The dovetail razor saw comes with impulse-hardened teeth, which enables it to endure long wear. The saw offers the best miters, especially for users frequently working on cabinets and furniture. A hard-coated blade minimizes corrosion hence a long life span. The rattan-wrapped handle provides a firm and comfortable grip when working.

The blades are ideal for the finest dovetail, miter, cross and tenon. Besides, it gives a glass smooth finish whether you are working on soft or hardwood. The saw blade has a thickness of 0.012 inches and a narrow kerf of 0.016. The teeth are cut at 26 teeth/inches and an overall length of 23-inches. The blades can be replaced with #155676 once they wear out.

Key Features

  1. Impulse-hardened teeth for extended wear
  2. Blade thickness is 0.012˝ and is set for a 0.016˝ kerf
  3. Blade length is 9.5 inches and overall length is 23˝
  4. Hard-coated wide blade

What Makes Razorsaw Special?

A rigid metal spline with thin sharp blades helps avoid the saw from straight cuts when working on the top edge. In addition, the 9-1/2 inch long blade offers a cutting depth of up to 3.5 tenons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum depth of a cut can i make with this saw?

A: The saw cuts up to 3.5-inches tenon. The saw tapers from 1.5 - 2 3/16”.

Q: What is the Gyokucho model number on this saw?

A: This is Gyokucho's model number S-370.

3. SUIZAN Japanese Hand Saw 6 Inch Dozuki Dovetail Saw

SUIZAN Japanese 6 Inch Dozuki Dovetail Pull Saw

Expert Opinion

“I urgently needed a dovetail saw but couldn’t afford for a quality western style saw. A friend recommended for this reasonably priced 6” Japanese saw. I was a little skeptical at first. Having used it more than once, all I can say is its incredible once you get the hang of it” says Mike Oland.

What Users Like

  • Very thin blade for precise cutting
  • Very lightweight for easy carrying
  • Replacement blades available
  • Strengthened spine
  • Better for crosscuts

What Users Don't Like

  • Plastic handle
  • Lacks a blade protector

Discussion about This SUIZAN

This Dozuki hand saw has an exceptionally thin kerf making it possibly the best pull saw for precision dovetail cuts. The blade thickness is 0.012” with 25 inches/teeth for clean and accurate cuts.

The ultra-thin kerf is 0.016 inches, allowing for easy cutting of hardwood. A traditional rattan-wrapped handle offers more control while working. Moreover, the teeth are heat-treated to keep them rigid and extend their sharpness. The shorter blade is ideal for both beginners and pro woodworkers. Because of being budget-friendly, a user should take it as the best dovetail saw for the money.

The saw comes with a reinforced spine, which offers more stability to the blade. You can also cheaply replaced the blade anytime in the future.

Key Features

  • Premium Japanese steel material
  • The blade is designed for making dovetails, so it’s far better at crosscuts.
  • Blade thickness of 0.012 inches and kerf 0.016”.

What Makes SUIZAN Special?

A light grip is all that’s needed. With a short blade that is just 0.012” thick, the SUIZAN Dozuki pull saw weighs only 5.6 ounces. You might actually forget you are carrying one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Stiff or flimsy blade?

A: This saw features a firm inserts across the top which stiffens the blade

Q: Is it large enough to cut 4x4's?

A: Not an issue but it depends on your ideal stroke.

Q: Can it be sharpened?

A: The teeth on a SUIZAN Japanese Hand Saw 6 Inch aw are extremely hard and very difficult to sharpen.

4. Zona 35-380 Thick Dovetail Saw, 8-Inch Length Blade

Zona 35-380 Thick Dovetail Saw

Expert Opinion

“So far so good. After a few tests, I’m really impressed by how clean it cuts and how comfortable it feels in my hand. This is a great bargain saw for newbies,” says Charles

What Users Like
  • Hanging hole for convenient storage
  • Thick wooden handle for easy holding
  • Highly affordable
  • Longest razor saw blade
  • Super hard blade
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Works on fine detailing
What Users Don't Like
  • Angle of handle is awkward

Discussion about Zona 35-380

A thick kerf saw is ideal for beginners looking to make dovetail cuts. Made in the USA, the Zona 35-380 saw allows for a fret saw for perpendicular cutting. Moreover, a thick blade is less likely to drag when working. The 18 TPI blade saw is all about superior quality and performance. It will work on all clean detailing cuts, including complicated little dovetailing.

The cutting depth is relatively narrow, measuring 1-3/4”. This means it only works for small workpieces. If you are planning to make cabinets, this saw is a great option. Even if the blade measures 8-inches, it can be a perfect tool in creating accurate joints for your furniture.

Key Features

  • 0.5mm blade thickness
  • Maximum cutting depth 1.75 inch
  • A hard-coated blade reduces corrosion
  • Wooden pressure point handle
  • Unique folding construction

What Makes Zona 35-380 Special?

An iron part on the rear end gives the backbone of the blade. This helps to keep the entire blade positively firm. For straighter cuts, one can use a miter guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's TPI?

A: TPI is the abbreviation for 'Teeth per Inch'. The blade features 8 TPI.

Q: What is the thickness of the kerf?

A: The saw has a kerf thickness of 0.020"

Q: Push or pull?

A: Push stroke.

5. IRWIN Dovetail Saw, 7-1/4-Inch (213104)

IRWIN Dovetail 7-1/4-Inch Saw

Expert Opinion

“I recently got a new one to replace the old model I hit a nail with. A perfect saw! Very sharp and crosscuts and flush cuts. it strains a bit with rip cuts but not that much. I use it for dirty things like oak, plywood and such that I'd rather not use a good saw on. Induction hardened teeth stay sharp for long.

What Users Like
  • Quick release button for blade replacement
  • The saw easily makes very clean and precise crosscuts
  • Top quality build
  • Perfect for tight-fitting and precision joinery of wood
  • Has a reasonable price tag
What Users Don't Like
  • Not ideal for rip cuts
  • No replacement blades

Discussion About IRWIN

Designed for fine woodworking, this model manages to pack enough features at the modest price tag. With a 7-1/4-inch flexible blade, IRWIN Dovetail Saw is excellent for interior trim work and detailed work. Cutting capability is on top-notch as the 22 TPI helps cut like brazing.

The flexible saw also incorporates a rubberized handle and a unique pressure pad. This gives better forward thrust into the cutting, minimizing excess strain. This pull saw features a polymer handle ideal for making flush cuts on dowels. Pull stroke action prevents binding and simplifies a straight cut.

Key Features

  • Flexible blade
  • A polymer handle on optimizing leverage
  • 22-TPI gives a smooth, even cut
  • Adjustable yet firm 7-1/4" blade length

What Makes IRWIN 213104 Special?

An induction hardened teeth help resist wear for a long time, thus contributing to its overall lifespan. The Irwin dovetail won’t leave you with pain in your hand as it comes with a low price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can this cut aluminum nicely?

A: The saw makes good cuts on soft woods without kinking the blade. Not ideal for aluminum.

Q: Does it come with a case?

A: Only a temporary retail case

Q: Is the saw flexible?

A: The blade is highly flexible

6. Two Cherries 520-6020 10-Inch Brass Back Dovetail Saw

Expert Opinion

“Bought this saw as a gift to my husband. Its superior quality and excellent sharp. The wooden handle translates sawing motion into an accurate cut. It's always a good day when you get to add a tool to the shop. We are looking to more years of use out of the saw,” says Karen

What Users Like
  • The saw teeth are very sharp
  • Brass spine for stability
  • Multipurpose dovetail saw
  • Superior quality
  • Fast cuts and thin kerf
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals as well
What Users Don't Like
  • It can’t carry out deep cuts

Discussion about Cherries 520-6020

You can always appreciate this two cherry dovetail saw due to their ability to do more than one task. This beautifully made brass back saw passes the test gives its multifunctional prowess to complete dovetail tenons and other delicate joints.

The 0.3mm and 0.016 mm kerf ensure a glass- smooth finish. A quality German steel blade with reinforcing brass back makes the saw extra durable. The long wooden handle is ideal for completing ling, single-action draws over your desired workpiece.

The saw 15 –TPI arrangement allows you to cut through a variety of different wood species easily. Besides, it can handle up to 2 inches deep.

Key Features

  • The saw is designed with a hardwood handle for secure and non-slip control.
  • Incorporates a unique multi-TPI design over its 15-inch length.
  • A 10-inch length of the blade requires fewer passes to cut.
  • Hard-coated blade to minimize corrosion.

What Makes Cherries 520-6020 Special?

A soft-touch rubbery build coating offers maximum control while working. The ergonomic grip handle is angled downward to minimize dangerous slippage and take the strain off your hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is cutting depth of the saw?

A: Cuts to about 1.75"

Q: Where is this saw made?

A: Made in Germany

Q: Could someone please measure the actual kerf in thousandths?

A: Stands at 0.037" to 0.038"

7. Stanley Fatmax 15-252K 10-Inch Dovetail Saw with Reversible Handle

Stanley Fatmax 15-252K 10-Inch Dovetail Saw

Expert Opinion

“I received my saw with a good sturdy plastic handle. After a few test cuts, I can say it meets all my cutting expectations. Since then, I use it as a jamb saw and it works good. The first one I bought lasted for 10 years hence decided to replace with this new model”

What Users Like
  • The handle of this tool is long for better grip
  • Multiple cutting positions hence flexibility
  • Ergonomically designed cushion grip handle for comfort
  • Offset handle helps protect knuckle
  • You expend less energy when cutting
  • Narrow kerf helps to achieve smooth and accurate cuts
What Users Don't Like
  • Requires extra pressure to make deeper cuts

Discussion about Stanley Fatmax 15-252K

The Stanley Fatmax Dovetail will fit everyone—beginners and professional craftsmen alike. It’s loaded with superior features for smooth and accurate cutting, including cutoff, dovetails, small joints and more. A long wooden handle measures 10 inches and it’s highly flexible. A 10-inch blade allows for honing the bottom of the joinery to fit new flooring. An added plus, you can change the position of the blade to fit your needs.

Key Features

  • Extra-wide blade (3") for fine woodworking.
  • Stanley - Black & Decker
  • Reversible handle and is 10" long.
  • Steel back prevents bowing
  • Offset handle for flush cutting.
  • Spring-loaded pin
  • Induction hardened teeth for long life

What Makes Stanley Fatmax 15-252K Special?

The blade itself clocks at 6” and a 15 TPI count. With a stiff opposite tooth orientation, the saw is more comfortable to control while still making accurate cuts. Besides, a spring-loaded pin allows the blade to reverse swiftly in both directions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can anyone measure the cut width the blade cuts?

A: The blade measured 0.012”.

Q: Does the product come with a cover for the blade?

A: There is transparent plastic cover for the blade

Q: Does it cut the wood smoothly?

A: Yes, smooth cuts

8. Rob Cosman’s Dovetail Saw

Razorsaw 9-1/2 inch Wide Blade Dovetail

Expert Opinion

“Appreciating the additional depth of cut, I decided to get this new model since I already have a dovetail Japanese saw. The good thing- this model has a wider blade thus allowing for deeper dovetails. Ultra-smooth and quality build as well! Spine is plenty firm to get a better kerf” Says, Jose

What Users Like
  • Its wooden handle offers a better grip
  • Less energy needed when working
  • Highly flexible
  • Makes smoother finish and fine kerfs
What Users Don't Like
  • Very expensive
  • Ideal for professionals only

Discussion about Rob Cosman

Geared mostly at professional and life-long craftsmen, the saw packs excellent features that add to its overall cutting capacity. The saw comes with impulse-hardened teeth to ensure it withstands wear.

A comfortable and firm grip is what users get to enjoy, thanks to the wooden handle. Its stiff metal spine and narrow blades ensure the saw makes accurate cuts when working. In terms of design, the saw includes a versatile TPI design over its 10” length.

Besides, the initial 2-inches are excellent 22-inch TPI. The rest of the length measures 15-TPI. The thin blade is very efficient at making the sharp and neatest dovetail cuts you will ever see.

Key Features

  • It has a good kerf of only 0.5mm and a 9.4-inch blade.
  • Multi-TPI design- 22-TPI for first 2” and 15-TPI on the rest.
  • Comes in Aspen and Walnut storage.
  • Traditional rattan wrapping for improved grip and comfort.
  • Ultra-thin blade (0.02″).

What Makes Rob Cosman Special?

You can use this single saw for the finest crosscuts, miter and tenon cuts. Together, the saw itself gives enough capacity to make both clean and ultra-smooth finishes without changing the tools. A plus point, the saw comes with a handcrafted aspen and walnut appearance and storage case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will a normal copying saw blade fit the saw cut

A: A normal coping saw blade will not but a jewelers frame saw will.

Q: What is the maximum depth of a cut can I make with this saw?

A: A clean 3.5" deep cut would be tough

Q: Do you normally "pair" all of your vertical cuts?

A: You don’t need to pair when cutting straight. The exception is if you're leaving exposed end grain.

9. Bahco PC-10-DTR Profcut Right Dovetail Handsaw

Bahco PC-10-DTR Profcut Right Dovetail Handsaw

Expert Opinion

“Wanted a fine tooth precise saw to cut about 2 mm off the side of a cupboard door. Guess what? The saw worked perfect! Love the thin good cutting steel. However, the handle is a little slippery” says DL Mahon

What Users Like
  • Special-purpose saw for wood and plastic materials
  • It comes with a stable thin blade
  • Hardpoint teeth and light steel back for firmness
  • Soft lightweight bag for easy storage, carrying and organizing the tools.
  • Premium quality construction
  • It gives a clean and fast cutting line
  • Replacing its blade is easy
What Users Don't Like
  • It doesn’t come with a blade protector

Discussion about Bahco PC-10-DTR

The Bahco PC-10-DTR is made of premium alloy spring steel. This makes it the best dovetail saw for the best cross-cutting results and cutting of fine woodwork. A stained beech handle with brass back bolts adds to the overall look of the dovetail saw. Besides, it allows for comfort during cutting.

The brass button is also in control for holding its 8-inch blade firmly. In the event the blade goes dull, you can re-sharpen it again. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, users would enjoy a new level of cutting experience with the Bahco dovetail saw.

Key Features

  • Blade width is 2-3/8"
  • Comes with reusable plastic patented tooth protector
  • 18 TPI triple-cut saw-teeth for crosscut and 6TPI to 10TPI for ripping
  • The ultra-thin replicable blade is 0.023 inches thick, 10 inches long
  • Ergonomics TPR handle

What Makes Bahco PC-10-DTR Special?

The dovetail saw is highly versatile hence can be used in many applications. It boasts of being strong, efficient and precise when in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can this saw do flush cuts?

A: Yes. However, it’s advisable to put masking tape

Q: Can I use the Dozuki blade with this handle?

A: No. The blade configuration is different

Q: Can this be used for joinery, like dovetail joints?

A: While it’s possible, it would take a lot of skill and practice.

10. Shark 10-2204 Dowel/Dovetail/Detail Saw

Shark 10-2204 Dowel/Dovetail/Detail Saw

Expert Opinion

“I wanted to trim some oak thresholds that were worn out and needed a replacement. I had a miter saw for the task. However, by chance I happened to stumble upon this dovetail saw. If I can be honest, it was purely an impulse purchase. Upon using, the saw proved extremely thin and sharp. It’s highly possible to achieve better precision once you get used to cutting on the pull stroke. The cheaply replaceable blades are held tight in the plastic handle by a large screw,” says Martin

What Users Like
  • Low price tag
  • Ideal for dovetails and other joinery cuts
  • It comes with a rigid blade
  • Comes with induction hardened teeth
  • Easy to change blades
  • No difficulty in working with this tool
What Users Don't Like
  • Has weak teeth
  • Has a plastic handle
  • Not ideal for rip cuts

Discussion about Shark 10-2204

The Shark 10-2204 dovetail saw is designed for small detail cuts for all varieties of woods. With a narrow kerf, the saw can handle detail cuts a standard saw cant.

A flexible blade allows the flush cutting of dowels and plugs. A 26-TPI fie tooth pitch gives fine and ultra-smooth cuts. The saw is extremely perfect for accurate joineries like picture frames, plastics, dovetails, moldings and more.

The stiff blade helps to add some extra blade power while its front woodpecker tooth creates a kerf before cutting.

Key Features

  • 26 Teeth per inch for wonderful cuts
  • This is a pull saw design dovetail saw
  • Very narrow kerf
  • Comfortable, secure grip with soft elastomer handle
  • Special hardening treatment
  • Ultra-thin blade

What Makes Shark 10-2204 Special?

The special saw is lightweight and easy to use. This helps to eliminate the issue of marking one cutting position using a pencil. Also, the sturdy plastic handle provides for a comfortable and firm grip while working. Despite having all the great features, the saw goes for a very affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can it be used on plastic?

A: The razor sharp teeth cut through most plastics well.

Q: Would this work to cut vinyl lattice for around deck?

A: The Shark 10-2204 dovetail saw is for fairly fine, delicate and lightweight work.

Q: How thick is the kerf on this blade?

A: Very thin, about 0.016 inch.


Having the best dovetail saw is the best way to achieve a clean and neat finish for every woodworker out there. Besides, both beginners and experts can use this saw to make precise cuts. Whether you the first saw or the fifth one on the list above, you will still enjoy a fantastic woodworking experience.

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