10 Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews: Latest Find of 2020

Best Reciprocating Saw Review

Woodwork, carpentry, and demolition are the usual hobbies that most men have. However, for this particular hobby to flourish, it is essential to have the right tools to make this hobby possible. One of the tools that most men need is the Reciprocating Saw, which is used for cutting, pruning, demolition, and plumbing.

There is a wide array of reciprocating saws, so buying them can be challenging because different people need different specifications for this tool. However, our best reciprocating saw reviews will help you to choose the best tool.

Why Choose these Unbeatable Reciprocating Saws

These reciprocating saws have been intended to deliver efficient and smooth cuts. They can cut in various depths and capacities and, subsequently, suit multiple thicknesses. Aside from this, the saw is as well outfitted with powerful engines, which guarantees that they generate incredible speed and accurate cuts. They are on a shortlist below-

Top Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews

Here, we have compiled and rated 10 of the best reciprocating saws you can buy online. Learn more about their technical features, expert opinions, pros, and cons and find out which saw is perfect for your workshop. However, if you are in a hurry to buy one of these saws, you can also click directly on the Amazon link to read customer reviews.

Top Three Handy Jigsaw in The Market


Black and Decker Reciprocating Saw

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Lithium Reciprocating Saw

  • Features pivoting shoe for better contoling power
  • Tool free blade change scope
  • 3000 spm speed for faster cut 
  • One battery & balde included
  • Only 4.5 pounds weight

Best Choice

Dewalt Reciprocating Saw

Dewalt COMPACT Brushless Reciprocating Saw

  • Gives max 2900 spm variable speed with full control
  • A bright LED removes shade
  • Long lasting battery service
  • 4 positions keyless clamp
  • Goes to stroke length 1-1/8 in

Overall Good

Worx Reciprocating Saw

WORX Variable Speed (2 in 1) Reciprocating saw

  • Can use both purpose reciprocating saw and jigsaw
  • has a variable speed trigger
  • Cleans debris itself while cut
  • Supports any T-shank blade
  • Greatly features for orbital cut

1. Dewalt COMPACT Brushless Reciprocating Saw

Dewalt Reciprocating Saw
Weight5 Pounds
Size14.5 (length)
Motor Speed2900 SPM
Power SourceBattery
Stroke Length1-1/8 in.
Battery Power5.0 ah
Warranty3 Years

Expert Opinion

“This saw is an ideal option for elections, home remodelers, and plumbers looking to cut in tight spots. It offers not only a faster cutting experience but also an excellent performance than other standard reciprocating saws.

Despite having a vibration control issue, the ergonomic features on this saw: provide a soft and comfortable grip when cutting.” Says MLB

Positive Things of DCS367B
  • Faster cutting speed
  • Affordable
Positive Things of DCS367B
  • Slight Heavy
  • No Vibration control

Discussion About Dewalt DCS367B Saw

This reciprocating saw is a brushless upgrade introduced by the DeWalt brand back in 2017. It is the best choice and comes in a compact and two-hand design allowing for easier cutting in tight areas

Technical Features of Dewalt DCS367B

Compact Design

The DCS367B brushless saw comes in a length of 14.5 inches only. This allows it to perfectly fit in between studs, unlike other large miter saws. In addition, the saw’s compact size makes it easy to be used in tight areas where large blades cannot fit.

Cutting Speed

The saw is designed for both speed and performance. With a no-load speed of 2900 strokes per minute, the saw offers a smooth, accurate, and faster cutting experience for its users. It’s 1-1/8” stroke length also provides an efficient cutting on wood and metal materials

Easy Blade Change

It’s more comfortable and quick to change the blades when it comes to this brushless version of the saw. With its four-position blade clamp, users don’t require any experience or manual to change the blades. The keyless position blade clamp also offers cutting versatility.

Speed Adjustment

Variable speed trigger offers maximum speed control when cutting. Users can easily adjust the speed to match the application requirements on various materials.


The two-hand design offers a firm and comfortable grip when cutting. Also, the saw-led light provides illumination when working on dark spots.

Great for Outdoor Use

This power tool is ideal for outdoor use particularly clearing land with overgrown trees, high weeds, and saplings. The 12-inch blades cut with a lot of ease any size of wood within the blade’s limits. Many users find it safer for clearing trees and bushes than a chain saw.

2. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Lithium Reciprocating Saw

Black and Decker Reciprocating Saw
Weight4.9 lbs
Size15.62 (length)
Motor Speed3000 SPM
Power SourceBattery
Battery Power2 Ah
Stroke Length7/8 in.
Warranty2 Years

Expert Opinion

“I tried pruning my limbs using a chain saw and it was quite complicated and dangerous. Using hand saws would take a long time. I decided to settle for this model and the experience is still ok. I use it to accurately cut through tight areas and the results are excellent.” Says Northchil a carpenter from the United States

Positive Things of BDCR20C

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting battery

Positive Things of BDCR20C

  • Lacks a brushless motor

Discussion About Black+Decker BDCR20C

This is one of the most Budget-Friendly power tools for any professional contractor. It’s designed for both power and versatility making it worthy of spending on. To have a good understanding of this reciprocating saw, let’s look at its amazing features.

Technical Features of Black+Decker BDCR20C

Powerful Performance

Cordless power tools are designed for extra run time and power. The saw is designed with 20v lithium-ion battery hence extra power and performance. The battery provides 30% more cutting than standard saws. The saw also works flawlessly, even in extreme climatic conditions. However, the battery and charge are not included in the pack and have to be bought differently.

Cutting Speed

The short-stroke length (7/8) provides an average cutting speed ideal for material that requires less cleaning. The advantage of a short-stroke range is that it will need less power and clearance to rotate the blade. This saw may not be ideal for users working on thick materials that require more power. However, a short stroke gives one precise control, particularly in delicate cuts. The saw penetrates areas when no standard rotary power can work.


Weighing only at 4lbs, this is possibly the lightest model in the market. Lightweight makes it easier to work for long hours without fatigue. Also, the cordless design adds portability for smooth movement from one place to another.


A good number of lightweight reciprocating tools produce lots of vibrations. This is quite different from the Black and Decker saw. The saw is designed with dampening technology that minimizes vibrations hence maximum comfort and less fatigue.

Variable Speed Trigger

You won’t miss the mark, particularly when cutting thinner materials. The variable speed trigger offers accurate cuts depending on the application. The saw allows for better control, thus preventing damage to your works.

Tool-Free Blade Changes

Changing blades is quite challenging, especially without the right tools. With this saw, this is an issue of the past. You don’t require any specialized tool to change the blades.

3. WORX Variable Speed (2 in 1) Reciprocatingsaw

Worx Reciprocating Saw
Weight4.2 lbs
Size9 (length)
Motor Speed3000 SPM
Power SourceBattery
Battery Power1.5 Ah
Stroke Length3/4 in.
Warranty3 Years

Expert Opinion

“I bought this and it works great as a “Theragun” massager. It also serves me for cutting boards and the results are quite amazing. I would carry around safely since it comes with an excellent grip making my work easier. I found it easier to change the blades without using any tool.

However, you may consider purchasing an additional 20v battery since the supplied battery doesn’t last long. I would recommend this saw over and over again.” says David

Positive Things of WX550L

  • Quick and smooth shift from a reciprocating to a jigsaw
  • Consistent cuts
  • Easy to use
  • Time saving
  • Compatible with any average saw blade
  • It is lightweight

Positive Things of WX550L

  • Inadequate space for cut observation

Discussion About WROX WX550L

If you intend to undertake woodwork, this may be a perfect choice for you and the Overall Great Machine. The saw will take on a wide range of tasks given its ability not to cut along curved joints. Let’s have a look at its feature before considering buying one.

Technical Features of WROX WX550L


The 20V Axis is one quite supportive tool that offers flexibility and performance. As a result, users can achieve their application needs quickly and neatly.

Simple but Powerful

The saw is designed with axle tilts that slopes it to just 4 pounds. Despite its simple design, the saw is well equipped for cutting a wide range of materials.

Extensive Blade Compatibility

The saw axle is flexible in the sense it readily accepts every model of the blade. This allows for cutting a wide range of materials such as fiberglass, roots, tiles, copper, wood, and more. It can also be quickly removed on either side.

Advanced Design

The saw engine is well positioned to allow for simultaneous rotation of the equipment. This prevents any possibility of misalignments, thus giving stability for effective cuts.

Dust Blower

Another essential feature of this saw is the stylish blower for the dust collection. This enhances your acuity when cutting, so you can quickly navigate through stakes.

4. DEWALT Battery Powered Compact Reciprocating Saw

Dewalt Cordless Reciprocating Saw
Weight5.4 lbs
Size14.5 (length)
Motor Speed2900 SPM
Power SourceBattery
Battery Power4 Ah
Stroke Length1-1/8 in.
Warranty3 Years

Expert Opinion

” I never regret having added this great to my toolbox. It’s short length allows it easily fit in small spaces anytime am working. The vibration from this saw is low as compared to other reciprocating saws. The LED light is also positioned in the right place for illumination in dark places. For sure, this saw meets all my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone.” says

Positive Things of DCS387B

  • Durable
  • Easy to control
  • Double blade insertion blades

Positive Thing of DCS387B

  • No brushless motor

Discussion About DeWalt BDCR20C

Now, get the point of why we listed this in our best reciprocating saw reviews. If you love using innovative power tools with ease of work, then a compact DCS387B Saw might be the right tool for you. This saw is lightweight and powerful enough to cut through hard materials. The guide below highlights some of the popular features are making it stand out from the rest.

Technical Features of Dewalt DCS387B

Compact and Lightweight

The saw is designed with the motor positioned at a slanting angle forward-facing the trigger. Because of measuring only 14.5 inches long, this saw is considered one of the most compact and light power tools. Lightweight allows you to work for long hours without tiring. You will enjoy carrying it and working on different angles. It makes it an ideal choice for a tough situation, such as when scaffolding.

Better Handle Grips

Handling the saw is more accessible thanks to ergonomic soft-grip support. You will enjoy every experience using this saw. The soft handle ensures a secure and stable cutting process. Also, you will complete tasks faster than any other saw. The soft grip will offer more control, especially when working against walls or overheads.

Tool-less Blade Changes

The DCS387B features a four-position blade clamp that allows for better flush cutting. It also gives an easy blade change hence no extra tools are required when installing new blades. The blade clamp also prevents form any accident when cutting on different materials.

Fits Tight Places

Users can comfortably cut through confined spaces using this reciprocating saw. The saw is versatile and penetrates places where other standard saws cannot. Its ability to correctly fit between studs offers the ultimate solution for professionals who need a saw for close-fitting positions.

Speed Adjustment

The variable speed switch delivers maximum blade control for accurate cuts. You will not overshoot the mark as the trigger allows for the effective operation of the saw. Depending on the task, you can either reduce or slow speed for precision cuts.

5. Makita Brushless Easy Maintaning Recip Saw

Makita Reciprocating Saw
Weight7.1 lbs
Size17-3/4 (length)
Motor Speed2800 SPM
Power SourceElectric
Motor Power11 Amp
Stroke Length1-1/8 in.
Warranty1 Year

Expert Opinion

“Having used this saw for the past six months, it has been trimming tree stumps and limbs without any complication. Once you rest the blades on wood, it accurately slices through like butter.

Also, there are several instances I have accidentally banged the saw blades against concrete without damage.” says Cathryn B, a woodworker from the United Kingdom

Positive Things of JR3050T

  • Sturdy plastic housing
  • Lightweight
  • Easy changing of blades

Positive Thing of JR3050T

  • Lacks an orbital cutting

Discussion About Makita JR3050T

This saw is a perfect choice for home improvement works that require less cutting needs. With its robust, balanced, and lightweight creation, JR3050T can cut through concrete, steel, or wood with ease. To understand it better, the guide below highlights its essential features.

Technical Features of Makita JR3050T

Structural Design

The Makita- JR3050T offers less time setting it up and more time working on various applications. The shoe assembly and its blade are designed to be adjusted without extra tools. You don’t require any experience to get accustomed to the design. This makes it easy to change the blades in a short time.

The shoe is fitted with a release trigger to make it easy to change the saw cutting depth. There is a blade sleeve for releasing and securing blades with a simple twist. The trigger switch perfectly controls the speed of the motor. To set the engine to run uninterruptedly, there is a lock button near the trigger.

Power and Performance

Makita- JR3050T’ industrial motor can cut through even the hardest materials such as copper. The speed runs from 0-2800 and can be adjusted using the trigger to counter the pace of the workpiece you are cutting. Corded JR3050T has enough power to cut through steel provided you use the right blade.

Safety Features

Some risks come along when using reciprocating saws. This is an issue well addressed in the JR3050T saw. The trigger switch stops the motor within 2 seconds upon release. The model cord is also grounded to prevent instances of shock. The connectors, together with the motor have also been well insulated.

6. Bosch Corded Pocket Reciprocating Saw Kit

Bosch Pocket Reciprocating Saw
Weight2.2 lbs
Size14.75 (length)
Motor Speed3000 SPM
Power SourceBattery
Battery Power2.0 Ah
Stroke Length0.57 in.
Warranty1 Year

Expert Opinion

Mac Nielsen from the United States says this machine works a beast and while power can be a big concern for most users, Bosch’s ability to accomplish tasks faster is unquestionable. The lithium-ion 12v max battery can last for 30 minutes of uninterrupted use on hard materials.

Practically, the battery will last up to 2 hours since one does not work continuously. The saw is safe to use high on thick trees and gives value for every cent.

Positive Things of PS60-102

  • Handy
  • Small and compact
  • Easy battery control

Positive Thing of PS60-102

  • Less power for large tasks

Discussion About Bosch PS60-102

Looking for an ideal reciprocating Saw for your cutting needs? If yes, then you are in the right place! Capable of handling various cutting needs, the Bosch saw is one of such excellent saws for every homeowner. It’s a compact and convenient saw for exceptional handling and performance in tight spaces. This brand is ideal for light commercial projects and DIY home tasks. Plumbers, electricians, and homeowners can greatly benefit from this saw.

Technical Features of Bosch PS60-102

Comprehensive Protection System

Safety is a must feature when choosing the best saw. The Bosch max saw takes into consideration the severe risks that come along when using reciprocating tools. It is designed with a complete safety system to prevent accidents when using it. The protection system keeps users safe from high temperatures and overloads current during cutting.


Every homeowner wants a machine capable of performing all types of tasks. This saw is capable of cutting a variety of materials hence giving buyers the much-needed usefulness. The saw cuts even the hardest materials such as copper and wood, with a lot of ease. Besides, the Bosch can cut metal with accuracy. You will never be disappointed when using this tool for your DIY home improvement tasks. For instance, you can use it for trimming yards and even cutting down trees.


Manufacturers use high-quality materials to design this machine. For example, the body is durable and has a front rubber cover. This ensures protection and protects the inner parts from external elements such as dust, dirt, and water.


With these features, users can work for long hours without fatigue. The anti-vibration technology offers a smooth working experience while keeping hands comfortable and safe.

Anti-LED light System

It’s also designed with LED lenses for proper illumination when working in dark spaces and improves accuracy.

Unlimited Ergonomics

The saw allows for secure handling using one hand. The saw is also designed with a trigger switch for adjusting the blades to maximum speed in a short time. Similarly, its bumper design reduces vibrations.

7. PORTER-CABLE Battery Powered Recipro Saw

Portar Cable Reciprocating Saw
Weight4.4 lbs
Size16.19 (length)
Motor Speed3000 SPM
Power SourceBattery
Battery Power2.0 Ah
Stroke Length1 in.
Warranty3 Years

Expert Opinion

Poetandi, a carpenter from Canada, says this saw is great and compact compared to other standard cordless saws. With its size, he can work on unlimited spaces easily within a short period.

Positive Things of PCC670B

  • Lightweight
  • Compact size
  • Adjustable speed trigger
  • Ergonomic design

Positive Thing of PCC670B

  • Not ideal for heavy commercial projects
  • Battery and charger not included

Discussion About Porter Cable PCC670B

This is a unique Saw from the reputable Porter cable company. The company is a well-known brand that deals in the production of top-quality power tools for different cutting needs. One outstanding feature of this saw is its ability to work on tight spaces within a short time. The product is the best choice for DIY projects, Plumbing, Remodeling, and General building.

Technical Features of Porter Cable PCC670B

Tool-less Blade Changes

Changing the blades doesn’t require any special skills or tools. The saw comes with a free blade guide that allows for easy swapping of the edges within a short time. A simple twist on the pivoting shoe and there you insert your blade with a lot of ease. The shoe is designed to hold the blade together close to the material cut securely.


The compact design of the Porter saw allows it to perfectly fit in tighter spaces where more extensive tools do not. Since its lightweight, the saw allows for extended use without fatigue. Only 4 pounds of weight of the saw can allow one to use multiple tasks that require time to finish.

High-Performance Motor

This saw features a robust industrial motor running at 3000spm. This makes it an ideal choice for light commercial projects. The tool also allows for adjustment of speed depending on the material project. At lower speed, it cuts materials such as plastics and can be adjusted to a maximum of 3000 strokes per minute for solid materials.


The saw is made of a heavy-duty metal housing for added durability. It also has a contoured handle for maximum control of the Saw. The durable duty gear keeps the motor safe from damage by dust particles.

Lithium-Ion Battery

Its battery allows for more run time. Unlike a regular battery, the 20v battery has a reduced self-discharge to allow for a continuous supply of power to the saw. There are also superior connectors to avoid power interruptions. The product charger is another superb feature enabling the battery to charge within 20 minutes fully. To protect the battery from damage, the charging system is designed to control the temperature using its inbuilt fan.

8. SKIL Heavy Duty Corded Reciprocating Saw

Weight8.5 pounds
Size18.5 (length)
Motor Speed2700 SPM
Power SourceElectric
Motor Power9 Amp
Stroke Length1.125 in.
Warranty1 Year

Expert Opinion

Craig L from the United States says this machine runs like a champ. “It’s an ideal power tool that cuts a lot of stuff! I tried it on cedar spindles and the railings on my deck and the process was faster than I thought. I bought additional blades and the swapping process was simple.”

Positive Things of 9216-01

  • Affordable
  • Better handling
  • Money-back guarantee

Positive Thing of 9216-01

  • Blades not included

Discussion about Skill 9216-01

Are you willing to spend extra on something worthy of every single penny? The Skilsaw might be the ideal choice for you due to some reason. First, it’s the top-quality service it renders to its users. This power tool is not your standard machine. It will serve you for decades while maintaining its performance and speed.

Technical Features of Skill 9216-01

Tool-Less Blade Change

The saw is designed with multiple settings for easy changing of blades. This allows for the easing cutting of different materials and angles. This is an added advantage with corded saws as users can adjust and change the blades to suit different needs.


Commercial projects require heavy-duty saws to handle any task and this is what the Skil saw offers. The Saw runs on a Powerful industrial motor rotating at 9amp. The robust motor allows the Saw for both speed and performance. This makes it easier to perform tough applications in the shortest time possible.

Added Durability

The Skil is well covered with robust metal gear. This protects the saw from damage in case it accidentally falls or comes into direct impact with heavy objects. Users will also appreciate the effortless rotation-ally shaped type of reciprocating saw as it adds more years to the tool.

Anti-Vibration Control

A good number of reciprocating saws are considered ideal for accurate and smooth cuts. As a result, these tools come with a counterbalance to control energetic vibration. Too much vibration causes fatigue, and this issue has been well addressed. The Saw is also fitted with padding to offer comfortable handling and reduce fatigue.

Speed Adjustments

Users can adjust the speed with a dial switch to suit different cuts. This increases efficiency, as every task requires different cutting speeds. Not all jobs can take a fast pace and vice versa.

Bare Tool

The essence of this power tool is to rotate and offer comfort while cutting from different angles. This leads to better performance and faster completion of tasks.

9. Ryobi Anty-vibration Lithium Ion Recipro Saw 

Ryobi Reciprocating Saw
Weight4.64 pounds
Size15 (length)
Motor Speed3100 SPM
Power SourceBattery
Battery Power18 Volt
Stroke Length1.125 in.
MaterialPlastic, Metal
Warranty1 Year

Expert Opinion

“This is my fourth Ryobi tool and I love it. While it’s small compared to 120v saws, is still uses for cutting pipes, tree roots, and more. My secret lies in the quality blades I buy for different cuts. I would like to recommend this for DIY home improvements projects.” says David Orrinoa, a buyer from the United States

Positive Things of PCC670B

  • Affordable
  • Convenience

Positive Thing of PCC670B

  • Not ideal for plumbing

Discussion About Porter Cable PCC670B

Are you planning for some renovation or demolition works? If yes, then you need a powerful reciprocating saw for all your cutting needs. One of such ideal saw is the Ryobi’s P515. Whether you are looking to cut wood, branches, or even drywall, this power tool can effectively handle it right. Running at a maximum of 3100 spm, this saw is compatible with T-shaped blades and can be easily changed without expert skills or tools.

Technical Features of Porter Cable PCC670B

Speedy Blade Changes

Users don’t require special tools to change the blades. Just unbolt the front and pull out the blades with ease. Swap your blades and lock right into the power tool.

Speed Adjustment Trigger

This allows users to adjust power depending on the task at hand. To increase the cutting power, increase the pressure and vice versa.


The Ryobi saw perfectly works with a variety of P series batteries, such as the P100-107. This makes the saw quite affordable, despite the numerous features it offers. Depending on the battery pack you are using, this saw is fully cordless with a complete runtime. You also don’t require to use an extension cord when working on your projects.

Anti-Vibration Control

Comfort is the key when handling reciprocating saws. The Ryobi saw is fitted with springs and rubber shields, making the tingling easier on your hands. This allows you to work accurately for an extended period. The rubber over-mold on the saw offers durable grips, particularly in slippery situations.


The Ryobi weighs only 4.64 pounds. It’s one of the smallest tools offering enough flexibility when steering it closed due to lack of space. It’s lightweight enough to use for many hours without fatigue.

10. SKILSAW Reciprocating Saw with Buzzkill Tech 

Skil Corded Reciprocating Saw
Weight9 pounds
Size19.7 (length)
Motor Speed2800 SPM
Power SourceElectric
Motor Power13 Amp
Stroke Length1-1/8 in.
MaterialPlastic, Metal
Warranty1 Year

Expert Opinion

“I use the Skilwal saw as a motor salvage recycler. It effectively cuts radiator supports, truck cabs, and exhaust pipes without any hitch. It’s not the most powerful saw but its low vibration is a turn-on for Me.” says TheCyborgMechanic, a buyer from the United States of America.

Positive Things of SPT44A-00

  • Affordable
  • Low vibrations

Positive Thing of SPT44A-00

  • Not notable issues

Discussion About Skilsaw SPT44A-00

Many people easily confuse between the Skilsaw and Skil. The two are quite different. While Skilaw is designed for experts, Skil is meant for homeowners. Since its introduction, the Skilsaw has overtaken the power tool market by storm. Neither is its speed nor numerous features that make it unique, still. It’s incredible anti-vibration technology compared to other similar saws.

Technical Features of Skilsaw SPT44A-00

The Buzzkill Technology

The essence of this feature is to prevent friction and reduce many vibrations during the cut. Despite this design, the saw has an adjustable speed trigger that manages speed for slicing tough materials.


How the saw performs dramatically relies on the type of engine present. While this machine has a 13 amp motor that supplies enough power during cutting operations, besides, the 1-1/8 inch stoke length offers extreme cutting speed.


Reciprocating saws are effectively one of the most adaptable and basic saws, and really, truly amusing to use now and again also. To emphasize what I said before. If you ever plan on doing any destruction, redesigns, landscaping or plumbing work, involving a saw, these reciprocating saw reviews will direct you to the best saw. These 10 best reciprocating saws listed above will make you work easy and faster.