10 Best Saw for Cutting Tree Branches

Best Saw-for Cutting Tree Branches

Be it landscaping, designing a beautiful garden or removing a dead hanging branch of a tree, pruning and trimming is essential for various purposes. Being dexterous and monotonous work and the risks associated especially with cutting long branches of tall trees, it is very important to have high-quality pruning and trimming tools. This will ensure high performance, the safety of the user and a long-lasting beautiful garden.

Whether you need to prune branches of small trees or trim small shrubs, hedges, perennials, live stems, or branches of trees, it is crucial to select the best saw for cutting tree branches to achieve maximum benefits of a beautiful pruned garden.

The List of Best Saw for Cutting Tree Branches

This list offers various types of pruning and trimming tools with specific features that make them suitable for a variety of pruning applications. By picking an instrument from our inventory, you can keep your garden beautiful and promote healthy tree growth.

Top Three Tree Branch Cutting Saw in Our List

Budget Friendly

Felco Manual Hand Pruner

Felco F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner

  • Can cut 3/4 to 1 inch thick
  • Rubber gripper makes holding tightly
  • Allows to replace blade part
  • Softness spring makes you effortless action
  • Nothing scrapes the bark

Best Choice

Tabor Anvil Lopper

Tabor GG12A Anvil Lopper with Compound Action

  • Convenient for professional and beginner both
  • Capable to cut up to 20.5 inch
  • 22″ length rubberized grip makes comfort handling 
  • Multiple moving parts give you extra strength
  • Super sharp blade supports effortless cut 

Overall Good

Greenworks Pole Saw

GreenWorks 8″ Cordless Pole Saw with Hedge Trimmer

  • Allows multiple actions in only one tool
  • 2Ah battery gives huge power
  • Capable up to 60 cuts 
  • Very thin cutting edges for fine trimming
  • Being light Comfort to lift up

1. TABOR Tools GG12A Anvil Lopper

Tabor Anvil Lopper

Expert Opinion

Marian Wakefield from the US says this tool is fantastic. He was able to prune the bamboo tree in his garden in no time. This was after trying many other garden tools, but it was always a waste. However, after buying this tool, he cut and thinned the bamboo tree in about 45 minutes.

What Makes this TABOR GG12A Lopper Special?

Engineers incorporate a hardened carbon steel blade into this machine and cover it with a non-stick sliding housing to make it more durable and improve overall performance and ease of use.

Good Things of TABOR GG12A
  • The blades are Sturdy
  • It has an ergonomic and comfortable grasp.
  • Users are gifted with a guide.
  • High execution
Bad Thing of TABOR GG12A
  • Rather expensive

Discussion about TABOR GG12A

Originating from Tabor tools, this is one of the best anvil loppers. Tabor GG12A packs quality as far as cutting is concerned. It also provides comfortable operation and chops through wood quickly and effectively.

The clearing of twigs and branches is smooth, and with its 2-inches cutting limit, users can cut medium-sized, dry, and woody growth plants without issues.

Top Features of TABOR GG12A

  1. GG12A was developed for professional applications and drastically simplified cutting through additional leverage and compound action power
  2. The model is equipped with a sharp blade made of hardened carbon steel, which remains sharp regardless of the user’s cut. The low-friction, non-stick coated blade also makes every cut a joyful encounter
  3. GG12A is integrated with a rubber handle on the 22-inch handles, which provides a comfortable and excellent grip. This extended 30-inch machine allows customers to make additional efforts and productively explore the upper limbs
  4. Compound lever technology with numerous pivot points and movable sections increase the force exerted on the blades

2. Felco F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner

Felco Manual Hand Pruner

Expert Opinion

Randy Z. from the United States says this pruner is excellent and comes with numerous features. He regrets why he did not buy this machine earlier. The device can cut through various branches, and he advises people to buy this machine for their daily errands. It is an excellent tool and worth every penny.

What Makes this F-2 068780 Lopper Special?

What is unique about FELCO is that it has an anvil blade with a sap groove that can cut any hard branch with precise adjustments that the user wants.

Good Things of Felco F-2 068780
  • Felco F-2 068780 has a reliable and sturdy hardened blade.
  • The tool can cut thanks to its accurate Anvil blades
  • The handles can absorb shocks during operation.
  • It has a micrometric width adjusting technology.
  • The tool is light and straightforward to deal with
Bad Thing of Felco F-2 068780
  • Not appropriate for individuals with small hands

Discussion about F-2 068780

The second product on our list is from FELCO. The Felco F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Prune is a fantastic device you can have in the yard and trims roses finely.

Customers can use this machine to cut wire, cut branches, and sleds on piles during the holidays – and all this with a touch of essential maintenance. It is an exceptionally budget-friendly tool for beginners and professionals.

Top Features of Felco F-2 068780

  1. A solidified screw and nut to guarantee the trimming and anvil blades’ definite modification
  2. The machine comes with a rubber pad and a shock absorber
  3. Felco F-2 068780 is integrated with solid blades and a wire cutting indent
  4. The blades are designed from top-notch hardened steel

3. Greenworks Cordless Pole Saw with Hedge Trimmer

Greenworks Pole Saw

Expert Opinion

Andy Rouse from the United States says this tool works very well and that its quality is okay. The battery can last a long time without stopping, even when hedge trimming and pole sawing are performed. He also says the tool works well in the short amount of time he’s used it and recommends people to buy it.

What Makes this G-max 40V Special?

This multi-purpose chain saw with pole and hedge has a programmed oiler innovation that directs the oil to the chain and bar at all times. Therefore, users don’t have to stop to oil the machine manually while cutting.

Good Things of G-max 40V
  • It’s simple to use and cut
  • It provides a higher execution
  • The battery life is good
  • It’s well-adjusted
Bad Thing of Felco G-max 40V
  • PSPH40B210 is tough to dismantle the battery from the tool

Discussion about Greenworks PSPH40B210

For users looking for a comprehensive tool more than just a pole saw, this Greenworks PSPH40B210 is the best saw for cutting tree branches and trimming to settle on in 2020. The machine comes with multiple features for complete garden upkeep.

PSPH40B210 is integrated into an 8-inch pole saw blade and is ideal for cutting and trimming branches without using a ladder. Also, the device has a 20-inch double-action blade and a 2 Ah battery and a charger, which offer customers optimal performance and endurance.

Top Features of G-max 40V

  1. The G-max 40V li-ion battery innovation installed in the machine powers numerous devices in the machine for complete garden pruning
  2. The machine is portable since it weighs 8.38 pounds without the battery. Shaft Hedge Trimmer Weight (without battery) – 9.57 pounds
  3. The automatic oiler injects some oil to the bar and chain when required to guarantee sturdiness and optimal use
  4. The oil tank is translucent for checking the oil level

4. BLACK+DECKER Lopper Chainsaw, 4.5-Amp (LP1000)

Black and Decker Lopper Chainsaw

Expert Opinion

DonOmite from the US says that this is probably the best tool in the market. Black and Decker LP1000’s simple to use around the garden and lightweight. His wife likes the saw very much, and she uses to cut hedge in the yard. It an incredible saw, and he enjoys using it.

What Makes this LP1000 Special?

The 4.5-AMP motor offers customers more than enough power to cut practically any wood, regardless of its hardness. It is one of the most important cutting tools available that give users perfect control.

Good Things of G-max 40V
  • It’s one of the safe machines to use
  • LP1000’s probably the lightest cutting tools available
  • The company installs a comfortable handle
  • It has exceptional safety functions
  • This model silent during operation
Bad Things of Felco G-max 40V
  • It can, once in a while, be hard to find a chain that fits
  • This machine is a corded tool only
  • It would have been ideal to have a more extensive reach on this saw

Discussion about LP1000 (Black+Decker)

This Black and Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper is an excellent and exceptional tool for the entire farm. It is best suited for hard use, such as chopping massive logs and is the ideal tool for an experienced lumberjack or anyone who needs to cut a ton of firewood before winter. Well, here are the features that the device comes with.

Top Features of Black+Decker LP1000

  1. Its equipped with a 4.5-Amp engine for inventive clamping jaws that snatch and cut in one simple movement
  2. Its heavy-duty trimming bar and chain produce quick cutting of thick branches and large logs
  3. The machine has a 4-inch cutting capacity. And a bar Length of 6 inches
  4. The device comes with components such as an Alligator Lopper, Oil Bottle, Wrench; Power
  5. Black and Decker LP1000 is portable as it weighs 6.5 lbs

5. Gonicc 8″ SK-5 Steel Blade Sharp Anvil Pruning Shears

Gonicc Sk-5 Pruning Saw

Expert Opinion

Carol M from the US says this tool is the best. It is incredibly sharp and quickly cuts small branches. The blade is designed to be safe to avoid injury or accident. Similarly, it has a large ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable and cutting experience. She bought this tool as a gift for her husband. He enjoys using it around the yard.

What Makes this Gonicc SK-5 Special?

It can clearly stun users in every possible way. The blade is made from high-carbon SK-5 steel, and architects have used chrome seed innovations to strengthen it.

Good Things of Gonicc 8″ SK-5
  • The Sap channel works excellent and keeps the blade clean
  • The company installs a security lock feature for quick and easy access
  • The tool is portable, and thanks to its ergonomic handles, comfortable to hold
  • The device is well designed and sturdy
Bad Thing of Felco Gonicc 8″ SK-5
  • The company must improve the quality of the springs

Discussion about Gonicc 8″ SK-5

Gonicc is a company that goes further and offers excellent and durable cutting tools. Their GPPS-1001 pruning shears are among the top and have 8-inch blades made of high-carbon SK-5 steel.

This guarantees an additional protective layer against deformation. Chrome-plating innovation also offers integrated security against corrosion and scratches.

These anvil cutting shears have an ergonomically shaped handle that is beautiful and easy to use. The non-slip grip increases comfort when working over a more extended period. The locking component of these scissors is in the handle and is easy to reach.

Top Features of Gonicc 8″ SK-5

  1. GPPS-1001 has a quality blade designed from high carbon SK-5 steel with chromium-plating innovation. This innovation increases blade solidness, making it stay sharp for a long
  2. The tool makes great and excellent cutting thanks to the pulley technology installed in the machine. This mechanism makes it easy to cut through branches effortlessly
  3. For secure hold and grasp, the tool has an ergonomic, comfortable design that does not slide or slip
  4. Gonicc GPPS-1001 is safe to use and work with. Women and people with small hands can use this tool. The Safety lock can be free with a single hand

6. Fiskars 28 Inch Bypass Lopper (391461-1003)

Fiskars Bypass Lopper

Expert Opinion

CC from the US says this saw is a beast. It is portable and can work through hardwood. Furthermore, it is sharp and slices great. It quickly cuts thick wood and highly recommended for heavy work. He was happy to have bought the machines and to be worth every penny. He is pleased with this machine and would repurchase it. It is unquestionably recommended for users!

What Makes Fiskars 391461-1003 Special?

The blade is designed from accurate ground steel. It accompanies a low-grinding covering that smoothens your cuts while preventing the resins from sticking. The blade is additionally rust proof. Because of these properties, the blade lasts a long time.

Good Things of Fiskars 391461-1003
  • ​It is cheap
  • It comes with a comfortable grasp
  • As a piece of portable equipment, it is number One
  • The tool has a low-friction covering
Bad Things of Fiskars 391461-1003
  • It appropriate for lightweight jobs
  • It has more power to slice thicker branches

Discussion about Fiskars Lopper

This is a tool you will never want to miss. It comes with unique properties and fits well in your workshop. Cut branches quickly and easily.

Most importantly, it is built into durable, high-quality blades that have a long lifespan. Surprisingly, these blades are also hardened for additional benefits with every run.

Moreover, the handles are even built for uncompromising applications. As it is designed from sturdy steel, the handles will never surrender in any event when managing extreme branches.

Top Features of Fiskars Lopper

  1. It’s incredible for pruning green and living branches
  2. The Looper has a wholly solidified and straight- ground blade that remains sharp through heavy use
  3. To prevent the blade from distortion and damage, it made from rust-resistant and low friction covering
  4. Fiskars 391461-1003 has a length of 28 creeps and has a cutting capacity of 1-1/2 inch thick branch

7. Sun Joe 10″ 8.0 Amp Electric Multi-Angle Pole Saw

SunJoe Electric Pole Saw

Expert Opinion

Steven W. Metz from the USA says that this machine is well constructed and has excellent cutting experience. He was able to cut four trees in the garden. Three medium-sized trees and a large one near the house. He saved $10,000 on tree service. He also says the machine is long, and users don’t need a ladder or stool.

What Makes SWJ802E Special?

The Sun Joe SWJ802E electric shaft saw is suitable for cutting and cutting thick limbs that can reach up to 14 feet. On the other hand, its motor is more impressive because it contains an 8 amp motor that can cut stems up to 9.5 inches thick.

Good Things of Sun Joe SWJ802E
  • It’s portable and lightweight
  • User friendly
  • Sun Joe SWJ803E has a powerful engine
  • It comes with an automatic oiling innovation
  • The multi-angle is easily adjustable
Bad Things of Sun Joe SWJ802E
  • Many clients have griped that the chain isn’t exceptionally tight as it tumbles off quickly after some season of use
  • The tool is very substantial and tedious to use for over a significant stretch

Discussion about Sun Joe Electric Shaft Saw

Cutting oversized branches can be dangerous when using ladders, stools, and other rough hand tools. If you are looking for a robust and increasingly adaptable Sun Joe Power Pole Saw, this is the best device you can buy.

The Sun Joe SWJ803E CMO 10 inch ax saw has the most impressive motor among the three units available. It comes with an 8 amp motor compared to previous ones.

Top Features of Sun Joe SWJ802E Electric Shaft Saw

  1. It can stretch out up to 14 feet
  2. Sun Joe SWJ803E accompanies programmed oil, which makes upkeep to be simple
  3. It is integrated with a multi-angle head that changes from 0 degrees to 30 degrees for advantageous use
  4. This Pole highlights an ergonomic handle for simple handling of the gadget

8. Gonicc 8″ Premium Titanium Bypass Garden Clippers

Gonicc Premium Pruning Shears

Expert Opinion

Wuvsnoopy from the USA says that this tool is perfect and cuts very well. It has numerous functions, such as a solid handle that is comfortable to hold, a strong and sharp blade. After cutting down some branches, the garden looked neat and clean. It’s a great tool to have in the garden as it works well.

What Makes SWJ802E Special?

The Sun Joe SWJ802E electric shaft saw is suitable for cutting and cutting thick limbs that can reach up to 14 feet. On the other hand, its motor is more impressive because it contains an 8 amp motor that can cut stems up to 9.5 inches thick.

Good Things of Sun Joe SWJ802E
  • It has a comfortable grip
  • It affordable
  • This Clipper can cut larger shrubs and stems
Bad Thing of Sun Joe SWJ802E
  • The company should improve the blades

Discussion about Sun Joe Electric Shaft Saw

The 8 “Gonicc shears are loved by gardeners and are one of the most popular garden tools. Since numerous users are convinced that they are the best pruning tools available, you will surely be impressed with what they can provide.

Top Features of Sun Joe SWJ802E Electric Shaft Saw

  1. Gonicc Clippers has a drop forged design and handles
  2. The blade can cut hardwood thanks to high-quality titanium steel with ultra-fine polishing technology installed on the machine
  3. The handles are ergonomically shaped and non-slip. They are robust, light, and comfortable
  4. Sap groove makes that prevent the tool from sticking
  5. This machine can cut up to 3/4 “inches in diameter. This may vary depending on the tree type

9. Fiskars 14 Foot Power-Lever Extendable Tree Pruner

Fiskars Tree Pruner

Expert Opinion

Wuvsnoopy from the USA says that this tool is perfect and cuts very well. It has numerous functions, such as a solid handle that is comfortable to hold, a strong and sharp blade. After cutting down some branches, the garden looked neat and clean. It’s a great tool to have in the garden as it works well.

What Makes Fiskars 93016059J Special?

As far as the material is concerned, the manual shaft on this Fiskars 93016059J saw is produced using fiberglass, making it sturdy and lightweight. In this case, users can quickly cut higher branches without getting tired.

Good Things of Fiskars 93016059J
  • The fiberglass post is lightweight
  • The machine is durable and has a strong blade
  • It’s affordable
Bad Thing of Fiskars 93016059J
  • The blade thickness is excessively short

Discussion about Fiskars 93016059J

When you are searching for a machine to have in your yard or nursery that can be utilized in various tree care, you can ready to utilize this Fiskars Extendable Tree Pruner for every one of them. This pruner is ideal for slicing hard to teach tree branches without using a ladder.

Top Features of Fiskars 93016059J Saw

  1. The machine is incredible for cutting high branches without using a stool
  2. Power-Lever innovation amplifies leverage to offer you multiple times more cutting force than conventional tree pruners
  3. The Pruner has a 15-inch WoodZig saw blade power to cut hardwood
  4. It has a maximum cutting capacity of 1-1/2 inch diameter (sharp pruner edge)

10. GOMBOY 240mm Medium teeth Pruning Saw

GOMBOY Pruning Saw

Expert Opinion

Wayne A. Vanderaar from the US says this tool is brilliant. “I’ve utilized it to chop down six inch-diameter branch and cut branches from hardwood trees.

The ergonomics of this saw are remarkable and the capacity for it to cut on the attract stroke helps keep the tool in position. The saw keeps an edge as well. I’ve been utilizing it for a long time, and it cuts like the first time use.”

What Makes GOMBOY Special?

Gomboy Folding saws are effectively transportable as the cutting edge folds into the handle which, is an exceptional Gom elastic formula that causes you to hold the saw and hoses vibration and in any event when wet.

Good Things of GOMBOY 240mm
  • It’s portable
  • Extremely cheap
  • Easy to use
Bad Things of GOMBOY 240mm
  • Can break easily
  • The blade snapped easily

Discussion about GOMBOY 240mm

The Gomboy with medium teeth is a multi-purpose saw for various outdoor tasks. Regardless of whether you are cutting wood for winter or a campfire during hiking, this handy pull saw is essential. With a refined Japanese cutting innovation, this tool can be used in different places around the yard or outdoors.

Top Features of GOMBOY Saw

  1. The hardened teeth and premium Japanese handle offers excellent cutting
  2. The tool has a blade length of 9-1/2-inch, a10 teeth for every 30 mm teeth arrangement
  3. Gomboy Pruner is easy to store thanks to its hinged carrying case. The case is included during shipping
  4. It can be used in different areas and tasks like pruning and cutting, and the yard


To keep your nursery spotless and liberated from weed and hedge, you have to buy the best saw for cutting tree branches. Without a saw, it is complicated to work. If you own a garden, then you need to gather some experience about the top saws on the market. Ensure you have selected the best ones from our list for your nursery.

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