Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw Reviews for the Money

Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw

A messy garage is a source of embarrassment for many homeowners. Have you ever needed a tool you knew was in your garage, but you could not find it? Later maybe you found it sitting on top of a shelf, in a bucket or some other place you would not expect it to be. When our garage becomes unorganized with many old cutting tools, then you will need to upgrade it with new modern miter saws that take up less space and show how serious you are with your carpentry job.

Here is an overview of the best sliding compound miter saw you can buy to avoid buying these old cutting tools.

List of Our Best Sliding compound miter saw

These sliding compound miter saws can quickly make a bevel at any angle. They have all the flexibility of sliding and compound miter saws features. With these saws, users can move the blade back and forth. The main benefit of the sliding feature is the increased cutting length it gives.

Top Three Sliding Miter Saw in Our List

Budget Friendly

Tacklife 12 inch Sliding Miter Saw

TACKLIFE Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

  • You will get 2 years warranty
  • Healthy cross cut (2.5″ x 13″)
  • Allows 4 1/4″ depth cut
  • It’s 15 amp motor+3800 rpm
  • Very cheap price saves money

Best Choice

Dewalt 12 inch Sliding Miter Saw

DEWALT Heavy-Duty Sliding Compound Miter Saw

  • Can cut up to 6.5″ depth
  • 15 amp motor spins 3800 rpm
  • Allows 2″ x 12″ cut at 90 deg
  • 12 inch blade has 5/8″ arbor
  • So lightweight for being 56 lbs

Overall Good

Hitachi Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Hitachi C12RSH2 Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Saw

  • It’s miter range is 57-45 deg. 
  • Laser helps to get accurate cut
  • Capable to cut cross (4″ x 12″)
  • Will also get 7.5″ molding cut
  • Heavy motor gets 4000 rpm

1. DEWALT Heavy-Duty Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Dewalt 12 inch Sliding Miter Saw
Weight56 lbs
Miter Capacity60-50 (deg.) right to left
Bevel Capacity47 deg.
Cross Cut2 x 14 in
Max Thickness6.5 in
Blade Size12 Inches
Motor Speed3800 RPM
Motor Power15 amp
Warranty3 Years

Expert Opinion

Eric Rice, a carpenter from the United States, says this machine offers precise cuts and superior performance. He used it to build bookshelves and form crowns around the farm. He says that he plans to do hardwood flooring this year and will use this machine as it cuts smoothly and faster.

Good Features of DWS779

  • It is easy to use
  • It can make delicate cuts with ease.
  • Its cuts are accurate
  • Has a good and working dust collection

Bad Feature of DWS779

  • It is somehow heavy

What Makes DWS779 Sliding Saw Special?

DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw has the best features that ensure that it delivers highly. The handles make it easy to use, and the blades ensure that the cuts are well done, even to those delicate areas.

Discussion about Dewalt DWS779

Dewalt 12-inch is one of the best choices and top-notch saw that most people prefer due to its easy portability. DWS779 can be moved easily without interfering with the cutting and power under challenging exercises. The tool is made of sturdy material and hence can be used for heavy-duty works. The motor is strong, and its blade is reliable as it cuts from right to left.

Technical Features of Dewalt DWS779

Blade Quality

It has a carbide blade that measures 12-inch, and this makes it suitable for miter, crosscuts, and bevel cuts. The blade is also able to make outstanding precision cuts. There is a cutline blade setting mechanism that ensures there is a free cutting line indicator when working.

Power Capacity

This model features a strong and sturdy 15 amp and 3800 RPM motor that provides extended power and durability for various cutting applications.

Structural Design

DWS779 dimensions are 17 H X 24.75 L inches and weigh 56lbs; hence it is lightweight. The maximum cutting thickness is 6.75 inches. The back design enables it to cut 2X14 dimensional lumber at an angle of 90 degrees and 2×12 at 45 degrees. The base is made of solid aluminum that makes it sturdy and rigid when working.

Miter Angle

Its miter angle for this tool ranges from 60 to 50 degrees from right to left. The bevel angle also ranges at 47 degrees for all the sides.

Included Accessories
  1. Miter saw
  2. Carbide Blade
  3. Blade Wrench
  4. User guide

2. TACKLIFE Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Tacklife 12 inch Sliding Miter Saw
Weight46 pounds
Miter Capacity45 (deg.) right & left
Bevel Capacity45 to 45 deg.
Cross Cut2.36 x 13 in
Max Thickness4 1/8 in
Blade Size12 Inches
Motor Speed3800 RPM
Motor Power15 amp
Warranty2 Years

Expert Opinion

Brandon N. from the United States says this is a great tool. And you don’t have to be a professional to use it. It cuts superbly and has an effective dust collection system that can collect up to 100 percent.

Good Features of Tacklife PMS03A

  • Has a powerful motor that offers efficient cuts
  • Has a broad platform
  • Has a large cutting capacity
  • Double-bevel
  • Dust collection system

Bad Features of Tacklife PMS03A

  • There are few miter stops
  • The RPMs are somehow lower compared to another sliding miter saw

What Makes PMS03A Sliding Saw Special?

The sliding saw is budget-friendly, and its works are pretty good compared to the price. The double bevel and 13-inch cuts make the blade good for medium cuts. The clamping device system makes sure that there is stability enhancing the working of safety.

Discussion about Tacklife PMS03A

TACKLIFE is one of the companies that are less known compared to the likes of Dewalt. However, TACKLIFE Sliding Compound Miter Saw 12-Inch provides an outstanding cutting that most people haven’t realized. The tool base is primarily designed, and it extends to all the sides to ensure there is stability and offer support when working.

Technical Features of Tacklife PMS03A

Blade Quality

It has a blade and an extensible table that measures 305 mm. The TCT blade is ideal for smoother woods, soft metal, and plastic tube cuts. PMS03A has Allen wrenches that help to change the blades easily. The large tables offer the area for material support and ensure that the vice clamping systems have secured the cutting process to have accurate cuts.

Double Bevel

PMS03A has a double slope cutting scope that can be adjusted freely from 45° to the left and 45° to the right depending on the cutting need that one requires. This is good for a precise cut angle between the plane workpiece edge and the plane of the blade.

Structural Design

The Tacklife saw has a large extended platform with two extension rods that offers a large cutting table when working on large cut-pieces. It has a handle that soft grip and provides comfort when working.

Laser Guide

There is an in-built laser controlled by a switch that works perfectly when the machine is on. This helps in marking the cutting line and making straight cuts.

Motor Power

The powerful motor is 15amp, which offers 3800 rpm per minute to ensure efficient cuts and extended working periods.

Included Accessories
  1. Miter saw
  2. Carbide Blade
  3. Blade Wrench
  4. User guide

3. Hitachi C12RSH Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Hitachi Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw
Weight59 pounds
Miter Capacity57-45 (deg.) right to left
Bevel Capacity45 to 45 deg.
Cross Cut4-3/16 x12-1/4  in
Max Thickness4.18 in
Blade Size12 Inches
Motor Speed4000 RPM
Motor Power15 amp
Warranty5 Years

Expert Opinion

James L. Dooley from the United States says this saw is solid, powerful, and sturdy. It offers precise cuts and performs difficult tasks.

Good Features of C12RSH2

  • Has accurate cuts
  • Has a powerful motor that makes it able to work on hardwood
  • Quickly adjustable with a less laser marker for accurate cuts.

Bad Feature of C12RSH2

  • The dust collection system is not good

What Makes C12RSH2 Sliding Saw Special?

The Hitachi C12RSH2 is one of the best slidings saw choices for those who have a limited working area. It features tall sliding fences that are ideal for large cuts on even hard materials. Also, the powerful 15-amp motor is advantageous to the user since it allows the machine to work on harder woods.

Discussion about Hitachi C12RSH2

Hitachi C12RSH2 is a saw with an overall great double compound miter made with a compacted slide system that doesn’t need rear clearance. The static rail system lets the head saw comfortably slide on the rails clearing the rear clearance, which is required by another sliding miter saw.

This exceptional Hitachi saw has pretty features that allow cuts of even large materials with ease. The less laser marker is adjustable hence enables the users to have accurate cuts when they are working.

Technical Features of Hitachi C12RSH2

Blade Quality

The sliding saw has a 12-inch blade that can spin 4000 rotations within a minute due to its powerful motor. The blade can make effective crosscuts. The 12-inch blade cuts 90 degrees, whereas an 8-inch blade cuts 45 degrees.

Bevel Angle

Hitachi C12RSH2 has a double bevel angle that ranges 0-45 degrees in both directions.  This makes bevels and compound cuts easy because it’s not a must to keep on flipping when you have different end cuts.

Structural Design

Hitachi C12RSH2 has a compact design with a compact slide system that allows the saw head to have a smooth slide on the fixed rails. This machine helps in eliminating the rear clearance.

Miter Angles

The tool has a 0-57 degrees’ miter angle onto the right, and 0-45 degrees onto the left, offering flexibility to the sliding saw.

Motor Power

The 15 Amp motor makes the sliding saw powerful and able to handle tough cut works with easy. The Hitachi C12RSH2 comes with fixed rails that can move forward together with the blade guard.

Included Accessories
  1. Miter Saw
  2. Blade
  3. Dust Bag
  4. Vise Ass’y
  5. Box Wrench
  6. Holde

4. DEWALT Sliding Compound Exclusive Duel Bevel Saw

Dewalt DWS709 Sliding Miter Saw
Weight51 lbs
Miter Capacity60-50 (deg.) right to left
Bevel Capacity45 to 45 deg.
Cross Cut2 x 12  in.
Max Molding5.5 in
Blade Size12 Inches
Motor Speed3800 RPM
Motor Power15 amp
Warranty3 Years

Expert Opinion

“There is no problems with this device whatsoever. It has a nice design and works well. I used it in my farmhouse and it works great. It saved a lot of my time compared to other saws.” Says Jeremy Light from the United States

Good Features of DWS709

  • The adjustable miter ensures there is accuracy in cuts
  • The powerful motor of 15-amp that offers extended working period and durability
  • Has a compact design
  • 13 positive stops

Bad Feature of DWS709

  • Has a poor dust collection

What Makes DWS709 Sliding Saw Special?

DWS 709 has proved to be the best when it comes to accurate and durable saw. The saw is well designed with great features to ensure there is plenty of power and great accuracy to ensure work is done. These features have made it stand in the market. Features like oversized bevel scale, powerful motor, and protective gear made of steel have been the best with the saw.

Discussion about Dewalt DWS709

DWS 709 comes with a motor that can provide enough power and it’s durable for cutting exercises. The faces are tall to support the base and crown molding for easy bevel cuts. The robust motor and premium tool quality improves the saw performance.

Technical Features of Dewalt DWS709

Sliding Fences

The sliding fences offer support crown molding up to 5- ½ inches and a base mold of 4- ½ inches on a vertical way alongside the fence. This makes it slide easily out for bevel cuts.


The dual parallel steel rails, together with the linear ball bearing, ensure there are accuracy and durability. It also has a large red miter cursor for miter angles clearance location.

Structural Design

Dewalt DWS 709 features an exclusive back fence design that can cut up to 2×14 dimensional lumber of 90 degrees and 2×10 at 45 degrees. There is a stainless steel miter detent bowl with 12 stops, improving the cutting accuracy and productivity.

Saw Miters

The saw miter is 60 and 50 degrees to the right and left, respectively, which helps provide the required capacity. The large bevel scales enable the bevel angle to be easily adjusted and cut accurately.

Motor Power

It has a powerful motor of 15-amp with 3800-rpm that can deliver extended power and durability in cutting.

Included Accessories
  1. DWS709 12-inch slide miter saw
  2. carbide blade
  3. blade wrench
  4. dustbag
  5. material clamp
  6. user’s guide

5. Bosch Double Bevel Sliding Glide Compact Miter Saw

Bosch Sliding Compound Miter Saw
Weight60 lbs
Miter Capacity60-52 (deg.) right to left
Bevel Angel47 deg. (both side)
Cross Cut4 x 12  in.
Max Thickness4.25 in.
Blade Size10 Inches
Motor Speed4800 RPM
Motor Power15 amp
Warranty1 Year

Expert Opinion

“I have used this saw for a long time. I can only say that it works perfectly and produces precise cuts. It is a valuable tool because it contains all the features.” says Jay S. Granly United States

Good Features of Bosch CM10GD

  • Strong and powerful motor
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Has a great design that is well pivoted
  • Effective dust collection chute

Bad Features of Bosch CM10GD

  • Somehow heavy
  • Lacks the smooth start

What Makes CM10GD Sliding Saw Special?

Convenience, easy to use, and accuracy in performance is what defines this sliding compact saw. It features an exclusive Axial Glide System with better alignment, and that offers a wide crosscut that is accurate. All the features ensure that performance is done in the best way.

Discussion about CM10GD

Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw has a unique design and unparalleled level performance due to the axial glide system. Bosch’s Axial-Glide system solves the three major problems that many sliding saw users have been facing for an extended period. The saw delivers a sturdy precision, and the performance remains standing for a long period.

Technical Features of Bosch CM10GD


This Compact Miter Saw gives accuracy and cutting control in all angles. The crown locks the head to offer the maximum chop cuts capacity for straight molding and nested chop.


It features extensive open metal bevel controls with square lock precision fences that ensure the quick, precise, and easy adjustment of the saw. For easy clean-up, it has a complete dust collection chute plus the vacuum adapter. They ensure the working area is clean, and visibility on the cuts is enhanced.

Structural Design

Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw features a compact design instead of the sliding rail system that is able to take up to 10 inches less space as opposed to a sliding miter saw. The Bosch miter saw is good at handling tight quarters, which the other saws are unable to do.

Axial-Glide System

The system is an innovation that gives the users a durable precision within the workplace. Replacing the sliding rail saves the workplace up to 10 inches, which enhances smooth glide for an extended period. CM10GD helps the users to have complete control and smooth cuts.

Motor Power

Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw features a powerful 15-amp, 4800-RPM motor that has a large, easy-to-read miter and bevel scale. This allows for effortless precision and quick adjustments. The marked detents allow 52 degrees on the left and 60 degrees on the right.

Blades Quality

The tall sliding is 4- 1/4 –inch to allow an increased cut capacity during tall base cutting and crown molding.

Included Accessories
  1. Miter saw
  2. Carbide Blade
  3. Blade Wrench
  4. User guide

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6. 12 In. Dual-Bevel Sliding Cruzer Miter Saw

Cruzer Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw
Weight61.9 lbs
Miter Capacity60-50 (deg.) right to left
Bevel Angel47 deg. (both side)
Cross Cut2″x18″ Nominal
Crown Molding7.5 in
Blade Size10 Inches
Motor Speed4000 RPM
Motor Power15 amp
Warranty5 Years

Expert Opinion

Mark Johnston from United States says this sliding saw is incredible, and well-engineered. It maneuvers freely through various materials and cuts accurately. It’s one of the best sliding saws I have owned so far.

Good Features of Delta 26-2251

  • Compact design that can work closer to the walls unlike the rail designed saw
  • The robot arm that works perfectly
  • Easy to adjust the front controls
  • Cuts accurate angles

Bad Feature of Delta 26-2251

  • The shadow line is not well visible more, especially on the bright sun

What Makes Delta 26-2251 Special?

Dual-Bevel Sliding Cruzer Miter Saw feature offers the best experience when it comes to woodwork. 18-inch crosscut is the best in the industry. The handles’ robot handles’ allow the users to hold it comfortably and controls the cuts. This will enable one to have an accurate cut even within the most rigid areas that others are sliding saw aren’t able to do.

Discussion about Delta 26-2251

Delta Cruzer 12-inch is one of those sliding miters saw that is less known but does perfect work. The saw uses a military-grade aluminum frame that is ideal for heavy-duty work. It has a super smooth cut operation that lasts for an extended period. Its 18-inch nominal cross cut capacity is leading in the industry. The Cruzer saw is lightweight hence can be transported and stored easily.

Technical Features of Delta 26-2251

Bevel Capacity

There is a dual bevel of 47 degrees to both right and left and a front bevel of reliefs seven positive stops at standard bevel angles.


26-2251 uses military-grade aluminum edges together with 18 heavy-duty, smooth cuts that offer long life. The 15-amp motor uses advanced technology for dependability and durability of the sliding saw for many years.

Structural Design

This Delta saw has a unique design that operates in compact areas instead of miters with large rail structures. It weighs 61.9 pounds, which is a little bit heavy to ensure it has perfectly worked on heavy-duty works. The Dual Bevel is located at the front to enable users to access and adjust the angle easily.

Motor Power

26-2251 Sliding Cruzer includes a powerful 15-amp motor for cutting, and the blade contains brakes for safety.

Blades Quality

The Cruzer delivers a huge 18-inch crosscut capacity. It has an extended arm on the delta dual bevel, sliding it to do even the most challenging works that other sliding saw might fail to do. It comfortably cuts 7-1/2 and 6-1/2 crown and standing base molding, respectively.

Included Accessories
  1. Extension arms
  2. Clamp

7. SKILSAW Worm Drive Dual-Bevel Sliding Miter Saw

SkilSaw Dual Bevel Miter Saw
Weight51 pounds
Miter Capacity60-50 (deg.) right to left
Bevel Angel45 deg. (both side)
Cross Cut4″x14″
Cut Depth6.5 in at 45
Blade Size12 Inches
Motor Speed4000 RPM
Motor Power15 amp
Warranty1 Year

Expert Opinion

Derek Black from the United States says this sliding saw is amazing. It makes smooth cuts and perfect angles. It’s simple to use. SPT88-01’s shadow guide is great than laser.

Good Features of Skilsaw SPT88-01

  • Has an outstanding cut power
  • Lightweight compared to 12-inch miter
  • Strong solid rails
  • High bevel gauge visibility

Bad Features of Skilsaw SPT88-01

  • The dust collection is not improved
  • The blade has a bit little chatter

What Makes SPT88-01 Sliding Saw Special?

Accessibility, ease to use, and accuracy in performance is what defines this sliding compact saw. The SPT88-01 is well designed with great features to ensure there is plenty of power and incredible efficiency to ensure work is done. These features have made it stand in the market.

Discussion about Skilsaw SPT88-01

SKILSAW SPT88-01 12 Inch is a mightier sliding miter backed with legendary worm drive gears that combine lightweight portability and quality to make a powerful tool. The worm drives to ensure that there is power. The 15-amp motor keeps the job cool. The SPT88-01 increases longevity and efficiency at work. The slide saw design and handles make it easy for transportation.

Technical Features of Skilsaw SPT88-01

Bevel Cut

The dual bevel cutting for left and right cuts offers users flexibility, and adjustable angle ranges from 0-45 degrees’ bevel stops provide high accuracy to the stakes—the miter detents at 0/22.5 degrees and 33.9/45 degrees.

LED Shadow Light

The LED shadow helps in provision high precision cuts that improve the cut accuracy than when using lasers.

Structural Design

The miter is made of materials that are light but durable. It weighs 51 pounds, and it is the lightest miter saw in the market. The top of the saw is the handle that makes it easy to be transported. The worm drives offer a relentless power that is reliable to complete the work done.

Motor Power

Skilsaw uses 15-amp dual field motors. The motor helps prevent the saw from overheating, improves work efficiency, and increases the saw’s longevity. It also has a 4X14 crosscut capacity that allows the user to handle any cut when required.

Cutting Performance

The dual bevel cutting for left and right cuts offers users flexibility, and adjustable angle ranges from 0-45 degrees’ bevel stops provide high accuracy to the stakes—the miter detents at 0/22.5 and 33.9/45 degrees.

Included Accessories
  1. Dust Bag
  2. 2 Crown Stops
  3. Dust Elbow
  4. Clamp
  5. 2 Size Allen Wrench
  6. Miter Lock Knob

Verdict Line

The above sliding miter saws can offer the pretty cut that you need. As a beginner, one might find it difficult to choose which of the above sliding saw they should buy. We have highlighted the best sliding compound miter saw and their features and what makes them ideal. Consider each of them’s characteristics and try to see which of them will be able to meet your expectations.

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