Chainsaw Chain Types and Chart: The Right Saw Chain

Chainsaw Chain Types

Out of all parts of a chainsaw, the chain is one of the most significant. Without it, the saw would not have the option to make the quick and incredible cuts that it is intended to make. As you would suppose, each time you utilize your chainsaw, the chain gets worn because of customary wear-and-tear.

When the chain is too shabby, it will affect the efficiency and the safety of the saw. That is the reason it’s essential to keep the chain on your saw and replace it when you begin to see signs that show it is wearing. Are you keen on finding out pretty much the entirety of the distinctive chainsaw chain types? This post is for you.

Chainsaw Chain Type Chart

HeaderOREGONHusqvarnaGoPartCarltonWindsorSarpSabreTri-linkOld US OregonStihl
1/4″x.043″(1.3mm)25H00, S00..E150K25......or 1/4 on cutter 3 on drive link
3/8″x.043″(1.1mm)90H381AN443RE1..1A..6 or 3/8 P on cutter 1 on drive link
3/8″x.050″(1.3mm)9193,H35,H36, H37, 235, S36, S93G1BN150RE33571B..6 or 3/8 P on cutter 3 on drive link
0.325″x.050″(1.3mm)95 & 2033, H22, H30, H33, H78, S22, S23, S30, S37, SP33G7BK150JG3, G305202B,7B332 or 325 on cutter 3 on drive link
0.325″x.058″(1.5mm)21H21, H25, S21, S25, S387CK258JG55282C, 7C342 or 325 on cutter 5 on drive link
0.325″x.063″(1.6mm)22H26, S26, S287DK363JG69282D, 7D352 or 325 on cutter 6 on drive link
3/8″x.050″(1.3mm)72H46, H47, H51, H80, H82,S46, S47, S51, S80, S823BA150AD59803B, 8B....
3/8″x.058″(1.5mm)7385, C85, Xcut, H42, H48, H54, H81, S42, S48, S49, S52, S54, S818CA258AD39883C, 8C..3 or 3/8 on cutter 5 on drive link
3/8″x.063″(1.6mm)75H45, H50, H83, S45, S50, S53, S838DA363AD69833D,8D..3 or 3/8 on cutter 6 on drive link
0.404″x.063″(1.6mm)27, 59H57, H64, H65, S57, S64, S65..B363J....4D684 or 404 on cutter 6 on drive link

Different Types of Chainsaw Chain

In all honesty, there are a few kinds of chainsaw chains. As referenced, each type performs differently and is proposed for various purposes. All types of the chain can deal with specific projects well than others due to being planned for a particular reason for cutting. Below, we talk about the various types of chainsaw chain teeth, how they work, and what they are best utilized for.

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Chain Class of Teeth 

The most crucial difference between the various chainsaw chain types concerns the cutting teeth. While other professional chainsaw chains exist, these are the four you will most generally run over.

Full Chisel

These cutters are absurd for cutting trees in speed as they have square-formed edges. Due to its shape, they will consent a rough surface where they cut, so they are finest utilized in the circumstances somewhere there is no requirement for even or level surfaces. As a result of this new hostility and high risk, full-chisel chains are bound to be utilized by chainsaw experts and are less appropriate for untested home clients.

Semi Chisel

Semi chisel cutters are adjusted, which implies they remain more honed for more. They are well utilized when cutting harder, additionally testing wood or in messy situations that may dull the blades quicker. The round shape of this chisel lessens the risk of kickback, which means these chains are appropriate for home use chainsaw.

Micro Chisel

Another essential alternative is a micro-chisel chain. These are like semi-chisel chains yet have considerably littler rounded corners. These chains are tolerating of dirty conditions and give a perfect, smooth cut. They are moderately simple to sharpen at right directions.

Low Profile Cutter

Maybe the most frequently utilized sort of chainsaw chain is the low safety cutter. Most chainsaws are fitted with this kind of chain. Low profile cutters highlight teeth that have rounded edges, similar to the teeth on semi-chisel chains. All things considered, if you are a beginner or you don’t anticipate utilizing your saw regularly, a low profile cutter could be a decent alternative for you.

Chain Arrangement

The other method for classifying sorts of a chainsaw chain is by the chain arrangement. Here, we present the fundamental types.

  • Full Component – This chain arrangement includes a bar of in any event 24-inches and fewer teeth than different available chainsaw chain types. It is most appropriate for larger chainsaws, because of the enormous bar size.
  • Skip chain – A skip chain arrangement is viewed as the standard arrangement. It contains the most teeth of whatever another chain, which leaves shells a lot of evener than any of the substitutions. Skip chain is used on blocks of up to 24-inches lengthy.
  • Semi-skip chain – A semi-skip chain is a hybrid among a full complement chain and a skip chain, and it controls back and forth between having a cutting tooth each drive link and each two drive links.
  • Semi Skip – Semi skip chain arrangements are less necessary than the past two referenced are regularly utilized in increasingly proficient settings. Semi Skip is the best among all chainsaw chains, and links are left between all of the cutters.

Different Measurements

There are two or three different measurements just as the cutting teeth and the chain design, you should know about: the pitch and the measure. It is imperative to know the right details when purchasing another chain for your saw.

Most Aggressive Chainsaw Chain

Stihl chain is more costly, yet it’s the most forceful chain ordinarily accessible. It’s likewise produced using the hardest steel, so it holds an edge superior to some other brand.

Are all Chainsaw Chains Equivalent?

Not every bar or chain is correct for each saw. For instance, bigger chainsaw bars work best with all the more remarkable saws since it takes more energy to drive a chain around a long bar. That is the reason electric saws use bars 18″ and shorter. Thus, chainsaw chains are measured to fit individual bars. Attempt to provide a chain onto a bar that is too narrow or too long, and you’ll see that your saw primarily won’t work.

Fastest Chainsaw Chain

Quickest cutting is square ground chisel chain; this chain is honed with a square, not round file, and isn’t something most, non-proficient people mess with. This is the quickest chain in all chainsaw chain typeswhich are round filed chisel chain. This is the backbone of the chainsaw world. Ultimately is semi-chisel; this sort doesn’t cut very as quickly, yet also, it takes more abuse before it requires sharpening.

Last Thoughts

A chainsaw is a helpful power tool. It is proposed to make cutting through wood a lot quicker and simpler assignment; in any case, for your chainsaw to carry out the job that it is intended to do – and do it safely – guarantee that you are using the correct kind of chain.

 To make sure that your chainsaw will offer you the best outcomes, ensure that you decide your exact needs with the goal that you can pick the right chain. With the data provided in this guide, you ought to have the option to locate the correct chainsaw chain for your particular requirements.

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  1. Which chainsaw is best suited for your needs depends on what you are planning to use it for. Gas chainsaws tend to be less expensive and more versatile than electric models.

  2. I disagree that you should replace the chain when it shows signs of wear. The manufacturers all put a scribed line on the tooth which shows when it is worn out. This line also serves as a visual angle guide for sharpening. It takes a lot of sharpenings to wear the chain down to that line, and the cutting speed actually increases with wear as long as you file down the rakers properly, because the kerf becomes narrower.


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