Delta Shopmaster Miter Saw Review

Delta Shopmaster Miter Saw Review

I use miter saws quite often to make cuts at various angles and when I feel like creating something unique for the yard—like flex seating or decorative signs. They are the exact tools I reach for to combine power with portability.

While other types are playing at being tough, Delta saws take a different route. They take the race to work with just the perfect blend of features and finesse. Case in point: Give me another type of saw with a flexible motor and design on one edge? Can’t find any? Welcome to the world of Delta sliding Saws.

These type of saws brings a lot to the table to talk about. Now, this begs the question, which is the Delta sliding miter saw to choose from? To help you in this regard, I have developed a detailed guide on the Delta Shopmaster sliding miter saw review. Now hold onto your hat as I take you through these miter saws.

The List of Delta Shopmaster Miter Saw Review

If you seem you roughly know about this saw and want to quit our in-depth description, no matter, you can go to the product page directly to see Amazon’s real user review. If you have time to have a look, we recommend you plz read something so you can make a better decision to buy the right Shopmaster miter saw.

Budget Friendly

Delta Shopmaster 10 In. Slide Miter Saw

Delta Shopmaster 10 In. Left Bevel Slide Miter Saw

  • This tool perfect for jobsite for being lightweight
  • Extensive table allow big-stuff
  • Offers 2×12 in. nominal cut
  • Heavy duty and responsive
  • Powered by electricity

Best Choice

Delta S26-271L 12 in. Sliding Miter Saw

Delta Shopmaster 12″ Sliding Miter Saw with Laser 

  • 45-left+50-right deg. miter angle allows this top saw
  • It gives you 13.5″ cut max
  • An easy and comfort tool
  • Laser helps to make pure cut
  • High RPM offers effortless cut

Overall Good

Delta Shopmaster 12 Inch sliding miter saw

Shopmaster 12″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw

  • Unique spindle lock to change the blade easily
  • Electric brake For rapid safety
  • Build in high fence extension
  • Has a lock pin to transport
  • Powered by Battery

1. Delta S26-271L 12″ Sliding Single Bevel Miter Saw with Laser

Delta S26-271L 12 in. Sliding Miter Saw
Weight40.6 Pounds
Motor Power15 amp
Motor Speed4000 RPM
Power SourceElectric
Blade Size12 inch
Miter Angle45, 50 deg. (L, R)
Cross Cut13.5″ at 90
Miter Cut9.5″ at 45
Base Length31-3/4″
Warranty3 Years

Expert Opinion

During the launch of this machine, Julie Burell, a woodworker from the United States, got a chance to purchase this machine. The machine was affordable and worked beyond her expectations. She was able to trim the wall and door entirely within a short time.

Positive Things of Delta S26-271L

  • It’s lightweight
  • Delivers accurate and smooth cuts
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Plenty of cutting capacity
  • 45 ° angel bevel cuts
  • Durable

Negative Things of Delta S26-271L

  • Battery powered hence limited
  • Lacks a stand

Discussion About Delta S26-271L

At the center of my shop sits the Delta single bevel miter saw- the heart of the entire space. The saw has earned my utmost admiration for its unique ability to deliver cuts at varying angles. The saw is the perfect and the best choice for beginners as it comes complete with a laser guide system, dust bag, table extension, work clamp and a trigger for smooth and accurate cuts.

It’s made in a modern and sturdy design to impress its users while working. Whether sliding through an 8-inch crown molding or cutting stair treads, the Delta single bevel miter saw is an excellent tool value for money.

Technical Features of Delta S26-271L

Power and Performance

The saw features a powerful 120v motor running at 4000 RPM to handle the deepest cuts with ease. The delta performed well while crosscutting a 2-inch oak and still got extra power to control other projects. I had to pause it for short moments to allow the motor spool to gain speed before advancing. This way, you prevent torque-jerk and increase the lifespan of the motor.

Bevel Adjustment

The lever made it easy for me to adjust the bevel. Besides, the system got enough friction unlocked to prevent the saw head from sliding while cutting. It perfectly locks at any angle you want. What else do you need to accomplish repetitive cutting at bevel?

Cutting Capacity

The delta miter saw boasts an extended crosscutting capacity of any miter saw. It cuts nominal 4×4 and 2×6 at 90-degrees and one pass, respectively. It also features a well-designed drop-down fence system to improve its cutting. The 12-inch blade delivers up to 13.5-inch crosscuts.

Laser Guide System

For clear and accurate cuttings, the saw comes with an excellent laser guide. This feature allows users to see the exact position where straight and angle cuts are made.

Compact Design

Weighing only at 40.6 pounds, the saw is excellent for users looking to accomplish various tasks. The light-weight features make it easy to move around with it. It’s also portable and occupies less space.

Bevel and Miter Range

Delta S26-271L is a single bevel allowing cuts in one direction. Miter stop ranges from 0 to 45 degrees. There are seven stops at the most used crown molding angles. The saw is versatile as it supports working on large pieces. An ergonomic handle offers comfort, whether you are right or left-handed.

2. Delta Power Corporation S26-263L 10 In. Slide Miter Saw

Delta Shopmaster 10 In. Slide Miter Saw
Weight30 Pounds
Motor Power15 amp
Motor Speed5500 RPM
Power SourceElectric
Blade Size10 inch
Bevel TypeSingle
Miter Angle45 deg. (L, R)
Cross Cut12″ at 90
Nominal Cut2×12 inch
Warranty3 Years

Expert Opinion

When I questioned Dawn, a professional woodworker from the United States, he said he earned the right amount of cash on his first project. The saw produced accurate and better results, and the client was impressed that she ended awarding him handsomely.

Positive Things of Delta S26-263L

  • The Turntable is smooth and extensive
  • The saw generates accurate results.
  • Lacks cut vibration
  • It’s flexible
  • Extremely handy

Negative Thing of Delta S26-263L

  • The dust bag installed on the saw works great. Unfortunately, I saw that it misses quite a bit of the debris and shavings.

Discussion About Delta S26-263L

During my research, I was fortunate to find a great miter saw that I found valuable: the Delta Power Equipment Corporation S26-263L Shopmaster 10 in. Miter saw with laser. This particular machine here is budget-friendly and has a 12-inch cross-section capacity, which I think is excellent. With this kind of saw, thanks to the powerful 15 amp motor, you can run a ton of errands in woodworking, and I have to say, it is not just a beast, but also reliable.

Technical Features of Delta S26-263L

Laser Direction

First things first, I want to talk about lasers. The laser guide helps make sure you can always create straight cuts. Simply place the blade on the object you are cutting and the laser guidance system allows you to make accurate cuts and shapes at any time; it’s that easy.

Small and Compact

Second, this machine is very compact and lightweight. It weighs only 30 pounds, making it a great option if you want to bring a tool to your construction site. This miter saw is designed for easy portability, which is ideal if you are always traveling.

Bevels Left

This is the other feature that impressed me. Well, I was able to cut with the full bevel, and that’s because the miter saw is beveled from 0 degrees to 45 degrees to the left.

Solid Engine

I also noticed the engine works exceptionally. It supplies 15 amps, which is more than enough for trimming and molding thanks to the 0 degrees bevel and 0 degrees miter. Well, give it a try, you’ll love it.

Spindle Lock

The tool spindle lock ensures that everything is safe and secure. There is as well a front lock control system on the machine for added safety, and the saw’s built-in electric brake stops the saw blade shortly after the switch is released.

3. Delta Shopmaster 12 Inch sliding compound miter saw

Delta Shopmaster 12 Inch sliding miter saw
Weight48 Pounds
Motor Power15 amp
Motor Speed4000 RPM
Power SourceElectric
Blade Size12 inch
Bevel TypeSingle
Miter Angle45, 50 deg. (L, R)
Cross Cut13.5″ at 90
Miter Cut9.5 inch at 45
Warranty3 Years

Expert Opinion

I visited my friend Chris Bartek, one of the great carpenters I know in America. I was lucky enough to get him using this miter saw. When I asked him why he decided to buy this saw, he told me that he was impressed with the features and that after a few days of use, it worked well and produced terrific results.

Positive Things of Delta S26-272L

  • Small and portable
  • It is convenient and durable
  • Makes accurate cuts

Negative Thing of Delta S26-272L

  • I know this is going to sound like fun, but right now I can’t think of any downsides with this miter saw, everything looks great

Discussion About Delta S26-272L

Well, it’s an overall great machine that I came across during my research as it gives fantastic results, and I recommend people to buy it. The engineers really went out of their way to incorporate amazing features into this machine, making it stand out from the crowd. I was able to do a specific job in a short time.

Technical Features of Delta S26-272L


Engineers designed this tool to weigh 47.9 pounds, making it one of the market’s lightest machines. I like this feature because it solves the portability problem. Carpenters who are always on the go can carry it to their construction site without any weight. In addition, it does not take up much space because it is small and compact.

Miter Angle

The Delta S26-272L 12 inch Shopmaster Miter Saw has an extensive miter angle in both directions, as it can be tilted from 0 to 45 degrees to the left and 0 to 50 degrees to the right. Plus, miter stops are made at the most common crown molding angles, so you can make an adjustment and supper accurate cuts with ease.


If you are searching for a safe and secure miter saw, which I am sure you are, then the Shopmaster Delta S26-272L miter saw is a delight. This saw comes with an electric brake that stops the saw blade immediately when you release the switch. It is also equipped with a decent blade protection system to keep your fingers safe from damage.

Cutting Capacity

This miter saw has adequate cross-section capacity. This means that a user can cut up to 13.5 inches at 90 ° without worrying about failure or not cutting.

Spindle Lock

The tool spindle lock ensures that everything is safe and secure. There is as well a front lock control system on the machine for added safety, and the saw’s built-in electric brake stops the saw blade shortly after the switch is released.

4. Delta Power Equipment Corporation Shop Master Saw

Delta S26-262L 10 in. Shop Master Miter Saw
Weight31 Pounds
Motor Power14 amp
Motor Speed5500 RPM
Power SourceBattery
Blade Size10 inch
Bevel TypeSingle
Miter Angle45, deg. (L, R)
Nomial Cut4×4 in. at 45
Miter Cut2×6 in.
Warranty3 Years

Expert Opinion

When interviewed about why he uses this saw by a local media company, Anasgibril, a more woodworker from Canada, said that this saw works great and has all the features he has ever wanted in a miter saw.

Positive Things of Delta S26-262L

  • Compact and portable
  • The base is very stable
  • Laser guide for precise alignment
  • Spindle lock for blade changes

Negative Thing of Delta S26-262L

  • Laser batteries run out quickly

Discussion About Delta S26-262L

Finally, I would like to talk about the Delta S26-262L ‘Shop Master’ Miter Saw. Something that really sets this tool apart is its sound design, laser guide, and robust motor. Well, Let’s look at every feature.

Technical Features of Delta S26-262L

As you may have seen in the introduction, this Delta miter saw has numerous features that are very attractive.

Portable and Compact

If you are looking for a very compact and portable saw, this is an incredible option. The 31 pounds allow you to move the saw from point to point without wasting time. It is ideal for people who do multiple wood jobs and move from station to station. In terms of size, it is 14.5 x 17.5 x 22.1, which means it can store in workshops even in the smallest spaces.

An Incredible Laser Guide

Thanks to the laser guide installed in the machine, it is now easy to make precise cuts. The laser guide system helps you make straight cuts without drifting. It also works as long as it is powered by the 2 AAA batteries included.

Bevel Cuts

This miter saw can be beveled to the left from 0 to 47 degrees and make miter angles at the usual stops of 0 °, 15 °, 22.5 °, 30 ° and 45 ° on both the left and right.

Impressive Rotating Speed

The 10-inch saw blade spins at an incredible 5,500 rpm. This is one of the fastest saw blade speeds I have seen with this kind of tool.


Of all the miter saws on the market, the ones I have listed in this guide are identified as the best in my research. I did my best to research every tool that I have listed here because I only want my readers’ best. I am pretty sure that our delta shopmaster miter saw review, coupled with the expert Opinion, will certainly help you select the best type of delta shopmaster miter saw for your working space.

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