Best 5 Echo Chainsaw Reviews: Top Picks for 2020

Echo Chainsaw Reviews

When people think of the tools at home, they often think of hammers, screwdrivers and nails: small, simple problems.-solving devices.  However, when major problems arise that require heavier machinery, a lot of people find themselves completely unprepared. Many issues can arise outdoors, leaving the homeowner stumped at how to handle situations like fallen or sick trees. 

Fortunately, the chainsaws built and designed by the Echo Company ensure that if such a tricky situation arises, no homeowner will be unprepared again. Here is an echo chainsaw reviews to help you pick the best chainsaw.

The List of Echo Chainsaw Review

Echo’s list of models starts off with the Echo CS-590 20 Inch chainsaw and continues all the way up to the ECHO 16 Inch cordless chainsaw. These cutting tools are impressive and powerful. Their outstanding features and components will handle tough, and uncompromising tasks.

Top Three Echo Chainsaw in Our List

Budget Friendly

Echo Chainsaw CS-310

Chain Saw, Gas, 14 in. Bar, 30.5CC

  • Features anti vibration handle
  • Includes automatic chain oil
  • Has 8.5 oz fuel capacity tank
  • Several bar length adjustable 
  • 5 years long time warranty

Best Choice

Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf Chainsaw

Echo CS-590 20 in Timber Wolf Chainsaw

  • It has fuel capacity of 13.9 oz
  • Candid OEM echo system
  • Supports up to 30″ chain bar
  • Ergonomic handle to grip
  • 20 chain conveys 3/8 pitch 0.050 gauge and 70 dive link

Overall Good

Echo Chainsaw CS-400

Echo CS-400 18” Gas Chainsaw

  • It’s i-30 starting system
  • Allows you for too small to heavy work consistently
  • It’s much lighter and strong
  • It’s much lighter and strong
  • It gets start easily effortlessly

1. Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf Chainsaw

Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf Chainsaw
Weight13.2 lbs
Dimensions20″ x 13″ x 11″
Fuel Capacity21.8 oz
Power SourceGas
Chain Bar20 Inches
Warranty5 Years

Expert Opinion

“The Echo CS-590 is a beast and quick to start. I have used to chop Hurricane Irma residues and some fallen trees into lumber. It’s well designed and produces no vibration during operation good. In fact, I added a 24-inch bar to my saw, and it drives it smoothly” says H. Do from the United States.

What Users Like
  • It is a very powerful chainsaw
  • It easy to start because of the decompression valve
  • Doesn’t experience overheating so easily
  • The ergonomic handle on it ensures firmness and comfortability when using the Chainsaw
  • It is portable and cordless
What Users Don’t Like
  • Its somehow bulky
  • It is recommendable only for heavy-duty

Discussion about Echo CS 590

The Echo CS-590 20 Timber Wolf chainsaw is best choice chainsaw due to its powerful motor. With the Echo CS 590 Timber Wolf, you will probably rethink your best choice in terms of quality and design.

This machine is professional and has many unique and high-quality features.

Key Features of Echo CS 590

  • Has a bar of 20-inch
  • The capacity of the engine is 59.8cc with a two-stroke engine that makes its performance easy
  • It also has a feature of decompression valve that helps in the rope pulling easily
  • The machine weighs about 17 pounds
  • Candid OEM Echo section

What Makes Echo CS 590 Chainsaw Special?

Real chainsaw users unmistakably made the design. The functions are straightforward and easy to use, and there are no unnecessary and sophisticated specifications. Rather, you get a useful and powerful tool that works for quite a time.

2. Echo CS-400 18” Gas Chainsaw

Echo Chainsaw CS-400
Weight10.1 lbs
Dimensions21″ x 12″ x 10″
Fuel Capacity13.9 oz
Power SourceGas
Chain Bar18 Inches
Warranty5 Years

Expert Opinion

S.U. from the United States says that this machine is lightweight and easy to carry along. It smashes branches very well

What Users Like
  • It is powerful because of its engine capacity
  • Lighter and hence one can handle it for an extended period while working
  • It is simple to use and start
  • It has a fantastic ergonomic design
What Users Don’t Like
  • The bar might be too small for heavy work
  • It can be quite loud

Discussion about Echo CS-400

The Echo CS-400-18 is a powerful compact chopping tool; likely the overall great in its class. It is equipped with metal handles that are integrated with rubberized grasps which makes it comfortable to carry.

What’s more, the anti-vibration feature present makes it easy to make cuts and reduces fatigue.

Key Features of Echo CS-400

  1. An engine capacity of 40.2cc, which makes it sturdy and faster when working.
  2. The machine is equipped with a 2-stroke motor for a marvelous performance
  3. Echo CS-400 easy to start thanks to its i-30 starting system
  4. It has an 18-inch bar and an included chain that makes it ideal for cutting medium-sized trees
  5. It comes with an engine oil which is completely assembled

What Makes Echo CS-400 Chainsaw Special?

This best cutting tool is integrated into an air pre-filter, ensuring that the working environment is clean by removing dust.

3. Chain Saw, Gas, 14 in. Bar, 30.5CC

Echo Chainsaw CS-310
Weight10.3 lbs
Dimensions39.5″ x 11.5″ x 12.2″
Fuel Capacity8.5 oz
Engine30.5 cc
Power SourceGas
Chain Bar14 Inches
Warranty3 Years

Expert Opinion

R.Kemp says that it an incredible saw. He bought the saw for his wife. She uses it cleaning limbs around the compound.

What Users Like
  • It is lightweight since it weighs only 8.1 pounds
  • The machine starts faster with only three pulls hence making it reliable
  • It’s portable, and one can go with it anywhere
  • Has a right balance when in use thus one has control
What Users Don’t Like
  • It is not ideal for heavy-duty work

Discussion about Echo CS-310

This is a mini budget friendly chainsaw that is shorter but with a might cutting power. It is powered by a 30.5 cc engine, which enables it to have a stable and smooth performance on light mid duty tasks such as trimming, clearing the bush, and pruning.

To prolong its life, it is installed with a G-force engine air pre-cleaner that ensures that bits of woods have not affected the primary air filter. Th­­e handles are made in a way that is so friendly to the user.

Key Features of Echo CS-310

  1. Has a 30.5 cc engine capacity which gives the machine might power
  2. CS-310 has an anti-vibration handle
  3. Has a short bar of 14-inch for precise cutting.
  4. The Chainsaw also has an automatic chain oiling system

What Makes Echo CS-310 Chainsaw Special?

The CS-310 is great. It comes with a G-Force engine air pre-filter that provides excellent engine protection and durability by preventing damage to the main filter.

4. ECHO CS-271T 12 In. Chainsaw

Echo Chainsaw CS271T
Weight10.7 Pounds
Dimensions12″ x 10″ x 10″
Fuel Capacity8.1 oz
Power SourceGas
Chain Bar12 Inches
Warranty5 Years

Expert Opinion

“This chainsaw is great, ideal for cutting down trees and pruning. It doesn’t get heavy after long hours of operation,” says an anonymous carpenter from the United States who has been involved in chainsaws for a long time.

What Users Like
  • Due to its design, it is portable
  • It has a low vibration
  • Has an automated function that works conveniently
  • It’s easy to handle because of its lightweight
What Users Don’t Like
  • It does not have enough power
  • Only used for lightweight tasks

Discussion about Echo CS-271T

Echo CS-271T is one of the most powerful mini gas chainsaw that the Echo has ever made. It is ideal for all homemade light applications. It has all the essential features that you may need for your work that is found on the other heavy-duty Chainsaw.

The saw is designed in a way that makes it easy to be used in homes. The handles are on the upper side for easy push when operating it. The blade is smaller and delicate because it’s made for tasks like cutting smaller trees, clearing smaller bushes, and so on.

Key Features of Echo CS-271T

  1. Has an engine capacity of 26.9 cc
  2. It has a has bar length of 12-inch
  3. CS-271T comes with a chainsaw saw, bar and wrench
  4. It also features an anti-vibration handle

What Makes Echo CS-271T Chainsaw Special?

The bottom line is that the CS-271T is a good choice if you want something smaller for more demanding jobs. Even then, the saw can still chew the wood quite well, so you could use it to cut small trees like Husqvarna Gas Saw.

5. ECHO 16 In Cordless Chainsaw w/Batt

Battery Powered Echo Chainsaw
Weight13.7 lbs
Dimensions21.4″ x 10.6″ x 10.4″
Motor Power4.0Ah
Power SourceBattery
Motor TypeBrushless
Chain Bar16 Inches
Warranty3 Years

Expert Opinion

CGI of the USA USA He says that compared to other saws this is an amazing cordless cutting tool. It has a solid battery and can even drop large trees.

What Users Like
  • The battery power eliminates the need for gas
  • Generates less torque and vibration
  • An excellent battery productivity
What Users Don’t Like
  • Some users reported the saw as heavy
  • Some dislikes the “feel” of a battery-controlled cutting tool.
  • Plastic kicking spikes may meddle with cutting large items

Discussion about Echo CCS-58V4AH

Echo fans won’t be disappointed with this chainsaw. It’s a powerful cutter and users don’t hide their excitement when using this tool. The Echo-CCS-58V4AH has an excellent brushless motor and an equally lithium-ion battery to supply the needed current. It’s a simple saw to use machine. It has a great battery access and visibility.

Key Features of Echo CCS-58V4AH

  1. It has a brushless engine for unrivaled power, run time and sturdiness
  2. It’s integrated with a 16 in. bar and chain for bigger, increasingly aggressive chopping.
  3. Automatic oiler for ideal oiling and longer chain life
  4. It incorporates a 58-Volt 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery and 58-Volt lithium-ion charger
  5. It has an inertia chain brake

What Makes Echo CCS-58V4AH Chainsaw Special?

Generally speaking, the chainsaw is an excellent alternative for people who needs a strong chainsaw but don’t want to manage all the complexities of a gasoline motor. With the 58V, you can easily connect and start it. Does not interfere with fuel conditions or admission valves.


From ordinary garden care to cleaning up storm dusts, and selecting those trees you need for firewood, these models handles any work around the yard that involves needing a chainsaw. When searching for best chainsaws in the market, read this Echo Chainsaw reviews and choose an excellent tool.

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