Upgraded Festool Kapex Review: KS 120 REB Miter Saw

Festool Kapex Review
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It doesn’t take an expert to see the splendor of Festool Kapex miter saw. This unique compound saw is primarily aimed at professionals who perform heavy-duty projects on regular basis. If you are a DIY hobbyist, then a Festool miter saw might not make it on your shortlist. It’s not an impulse buy. Buying this will set you back a heavy price, so only serious woodworkers would go for it. Now this begs the question, is it really worthy the hefty price tag? To answer this question, let’s take a look in this Festool Kapex review.

Festool PM561287 Kapex Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Festool Kapex Miter Saw
Image Credit: ToolBoxBuzz
Dimension29.5″ x 22.75″ x 20″
Weight51 lbs
Motor Power13 Amp
Blade Size10.25 inch
Bevel Capacity47 degrees
Bevel TypeDouble
Miter Capacity50, 60 deg. (L, R)
Cutting Depth12 in. x 3 15/32 in.
Crown Cut6-5/8 inch
Vertical Cut4-3/4 x 3/4 inch
Warranty3 Years

Are you looking to substitute your old miter saw with a worthy replacement? Or maybe you want a quality premium miter saw for a demanding project? Whatever the reason, the Festool Kapex KS 120 is the right miter saw promising to deliver professional results in your workshop.

Expert Opinion

When asked why he preferred this type of saw, Mirza Okanovic, a user from the United States, said that this saw is light and easy to move. In addition, it offers precise cutting angles and an efficient dust collection system. It’s expensive but working with it’s very flexible for a precious cut.

Good Features of Kapex PM561287

  • Unmatched accuracy
  • Time-saving features
  • Countless functions
  • Advanced dust extraction
  • Virtually dust-free work

Good Features of Kapex PM561287

  • Quite expensive

Technical Feature

Special Trenching Capability

This saw features a conveniently positioned knob that allows you to cut trenches in order to make lap joints. Just a simple flip and you easily maneuver around pipes and other obstacles. To adjust the trenching depth, just turn the knob. Simple and smart!

Variable Speed Motor

The saw offers a maximum variable speed control of up to 3,400 rpm and Motor Power of 13 Amp for better results when cutting different materials. Its soft-start technology allows for consistent blade speed and prevents jolts under heavy loads.

Multi-material control electronics powers its highly efficient motor. This feature prevents the motor from damage while allowing for steady blade speed while under load. Also, it offers adjustable speed control to match the blade speed.

Dual Laser Design

This unique feature provides a clear mark on the material to be removed while cutting. The design enables one to bring into line cuts from the saw’s left right side. One added advantage of these lasers is that they require no batteries to run. Instead, they are electrically powered with a convenient control that allows them to be operated with ease.

Accurate Angle Transfer

The Saw stainless-steel miter scale runs from 0 to 60-degrees. Its scale is easy to adjust with setups that are precise within fractions of a degree. Once you establish the right setting, a miter lock placed far from the axis offers an exceptionally strong hold to avoid inadvertent movement. A stable lock prevents slippage while a fast angle-transfer system keeps measurements accurate and gives a reflective surface for use with the lasers.

Fine Bevel Adjustment

This unique miter saw features a fine-adjustment knob for both left and right bevels. The knob allows for free movement up to 47 degrees and positive detents at 45 degrees. Once you set a bevel angle, the knob engage a rack and pinion to prevent shifting before engaging the bevel lock. Besides, bevel gauges are placed on both sides for added convenience.

Rail-Forward Design

A nonslip clamp provided stability to your work piece while cutting. The saw also boosts 30mm rails for better accuracy. The rails are placed wide apart to avoid head play while working. This rail-forward design also enables the saw to be positioned against the wall thus saving a lot of space.

Unique Cutting Positions

Kapex PM561287 is designed with special kerf blades for smooth cuts in different applications. The blades are 10.25 inches in order to dampen vibration and lower stress on the motor. A special cutting position offers extra cutting capacity by effectively utilizing the back portion of the blade. The saw has a cutting depth of 12 in. x 3 15/32 in. and a vertical cut of 4-3/4 x 3/4 inches.

Included Accessories

  • Festool Kapex PM561287 sliding compound miter saw
  • Angle transfer device
  • 60-tooth carbide blade
  • Hold down clamp
  • Wrench
  • 3 year warranty

Makita LS1019L vs. Festool PM561287 Kapex -Which Tool Makes a Better Miter Saw?

Both of these sliding miter saws are packed with great features for cutting. However, there are notable differences about each product. Makita is moderately priced and delivers a powerful, 15-amp motor. If price isn’t an issue, then Festool is a good option that offers everything that you’re looking for. It’s designed with extra features, more versatility and portability. Its unique forward rail design allows it to fit into tight spaces against dividers on which the Makita can’t provide.

Festool 575306 Kapex KS 120 REB Miter Saw (Newest Model)

Image Credit: festools-online
Weight51 lbs
Motor Power13 Amp
Blade Size10.25 inch
Bevel Capacity47 degrees
Bevel TypeDouble
Miter Capacity47 degrees
Cutting Depth50, 60 deg. (L, R)
Crown Cut6-5/8 inch
Motor Speed3400 RPM
Warranty3 Years

The Festool 575306 is an upgrade of the iconic Kapex KS 120 miter saw. It features several improvements that are a major asset to any professional or DIY worker. Let’s check on some of these changes, some of them are pretty cool!

Expert Opinion

Natalia, a woodworker in the United States was heard saying that if given a chance to buy another great saw, he will choose this machine on and on. The tool produces excellent results and is worth every penny. He highly recommend many people to buy it.

Good Features of Kapex 575306

  • Special cut position
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Value for money
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Large surface for work
  • Make fine cuts
Bad Features of Kapex 575306
  • No dust bag
  • Expensive

Technical Feature

Larger Extension Tables

Coming with a dimension of 29.41″x22.84″x19.8″, this model features new slide-out extension tables giving it a bigger footprint with better stability. The miter Fast angle-transfer device is positioned at the rear of the saw allowing for quick transfer of the inside and outside angles. Also, its position prevents complex angle calculations.

Powerful Motor

Such a power tool is powered by a 13 amp motor. This helps the user to use the saw for a long time and makes work easier. It has a speed of 3400 RPM which enables fast operation and produces precise cuts.

Locking Hose Connection

The new hose connection on its dust port allows for effective collection of dust. This hose locks tightly and prevents accidental disconnects. A flexible and detachable rubber hood diverts dust into the port for better efficiency. This is a winning combination when it comes to dust collection in the new model.

Quick Blade Changes

It’s fast and easy to change the blades thanks to the Festool’s patented FastFix system. Adjusting the knob keeps the arbor in place and mechanically holds the trigger to prevent accidental start-ups. You can change the blade with a single hand while the steel arbor keeps the blades safe from damage.

Compact and Lightweight

The saw is not only rigid but also durable. It’s made of magnesium-alloy and only weighs just 51lbs for easier movement. Two handles provides comfortably while carrying the saw. Also, the head locks down helps keep the saw compact during transportation.

Magnetic Electronic Brake

The new Kapex model uses a powerful 1,600-Watt direct drive motor for better transfer of energy to the blade. The saw features a magnetic blade that instantly stops the running blade once you press the trigger button. The brakes will stop the spinning blade within 2 seconds. Besides, this brake feature a magnet around the framework for durability purposes.

New Kapex Stand

While the old model worked with a little v-groove stand, the new Kapex features a redesigned groove with a clear clamp position. The new stand is tough and super maneuverable. However, it tends to occupy a lot of space in the trailer.

Rail Forward Design

The new design improves accuracy and creates a compact footprint. It perfectly works in tight locations such as against the walls to maximize space. The redesign reduces deflection when tilted to a 45-degree bevel. Besides, it’s a double bevel machine that can bevel 47 degrees.

Counter Spring Balanced Bevel

The counter spring serves to balance the saw head when adjusting the bevel. This way, the saw head is kept in position even when not locked. The adjustment is now easier and more precise.

Crown Stop with Base Extension

This unique feature is sold as an optional accessory. It uses a V-groove and a fastening knob to provide extra support surface while making use of the special cut position.

Included Accessories

  • Kapex, HW Universal Saw Blade W60
  • Angle Transfer Device
  • Hold Down Clamp
  • Hex Key
  • 3 year warranty

Festool Kapex 575306 VS Bosch GCM 12 GDL- Which Tool Makes a Better Miter Saw?

Both of these compound miter saws are aimed at completely different types of users. The Festool 575306 is on the high premium end in terms of features and price tag. Only professional woodworkers are recommended for this tool. On the other hand, the Bosch GCM12SD is user-friendly and ideal for both professionals and beginners. While it’s significantly cheaper, it doesn’t lose much in terms of features. If you are looking for a more compact and lightweight miter saw, you will be better off with the 21kgs Festool 575306, much less than the 30kg Bosch.

Final Thought

My overall impression about the FestoolKapex KS 120 and Festool 575306 Kapex KS 120 REB sliding double bevel miter saws is very positive. While it’s possible to write a book on the two, I have only tackled a few features for the sake of time. Whereas FestoolKapex KS 120 takes the competition to the ultimate cutting machine with a perfect blend of features and finesse, Festool 575306 Kapex KS 120 REB comes with pretty advanced features. Above all else, these models are tough, durable and easy to affirmatively adjust. There is nothing I don’t like about the two.

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