How to Cut Laminate Flooring | Step By Step Guide

How to Cut Laminate Flooring

Today, laminate has gotten popular and is utilized both in private and business property flooring. Figuring out how to cut a laminate deck can end up being a significant skill since the laminate floor is mostly not the size of your room. It is the hardest part of the value of the laminate flooring installation process.

This article will likewise assist you with choosing if it’s even worth your time and energy for how to cut laminate flooring yourself; some of the time, employing an expert can be less expensive over the long run than accomplishing the work yourself.

Types of Laminate Flooring Cut

A simple strategy can help you keep away from chips when making straight cuts and other functions admirably for curved cuts and indents.

Straight Cuts

When you have to make a straight crosscut or rip with a circular saw, measure and imprint the cut line on the back of the board, and cut from that side, the saw knife enters the wood from below and rises out of the top, and most chipping occurs as it grows.

Curved Cuts and Notches

This is somewhat increasingly hard to explore. Typically, a jigsaw is required for the activity. A jigsaw makes cuts with a reciprocating movement. This instantly makes it the ideal choice for making curved cuts. Place the saw directly over the center of the board and make your cut. You should be careful, nonetheless, as doing this also rapidly may damage the laminate flooring.

Laminate Flooring Curved Cutting

Step by Step Way to Cut Laminate Flooring

Presently, you possess the sorts of cuts you could make on laminate flooring. You’re currently going to find out how to approach the cutting. These steps require utmost consideration, and a slight stumble may bring about chipping. Nobody needs that.

Choose the Right Tool

You’ll have to choose your preferred tools when cutting your laminate. Chop saws and circular saws are perfect for cutting flawless, straight lines, ideal for cutting a laminate. Trickier areas, for example, around radiator pipes or curved objects, will require somewhat more accuracy. A cordless jigsaw would be the best choice for this kind of work.

Cutting laminate, particularly when utilizing power tools, will make a lot of chaos and residue. We suggest completing this work outside and wearing protective gloves and goggles to ensure you.

Row Measurement

Measure twice, cut once – as the adage frequently goes. Utilize a measuring tape to design your space and see what size and cut each board should be. Then measure again, since you can’t get whole that plank. We’d prescribe requesting 5 to 10% wastage close by your floor.

It’ll mean you have to save planks if you experience difficulty getting the hang of cutting them. It’ll also imply that you can blend and match the boards to pick the ones you like best, depending upon whether you need many bunches and grain or need to go for an all the more key look.

Make an imprint on each plank where the cut should be, either in chalk or pencil. Utilize this as your “how to cut laminate flooring” guide when you’re chop chopping and wipe away any residue afterward. Please don’t leave it up to guesswork.

Go Through Cutting

Utilize a sharp utility knife to trim off the tongue from the planks in the mainline. This permits the planks’ finished surface to draw nearer to the wall while keeping up the necessary extension gap. This cut would be extremely precarious with a saw and utility knife effectively cuts through the fiberboard tongue material.

Ripping and Shaping

Sometimes, cutting isn’t sufficient. It would help if you went for ripping. Utilize a steel measuring stick or a T-square to mark the tearing edge. Tape straight the edge along its length and cut gradually with the saw. To tear precisely wood or something comparative, you can utilize a resawing table saw. That is how you will get a perfect rip.

Vinyl Cutting for shape

Cutting Laminate Flooring Tips and Tricks

This speedy guide laminates the entire laminate flooring cuts you’ll have to make. If it appears to be very simple, be sure that it is with a little practice. You may make a bogus cut or two; however, those parts can be salvaged later when a shorter part is required.

How to Cut Laminate Flooring Lengthwise

  • Measure the length required utilizing your measuring tape
  • Mark the board for the cut
  • Use your square and pen or pencil to make a straight line over the face of the board
  • Use your cutting tool to cut the line’s waste and use a damp cloth to remove any outstanding ink

How to Cut Flooring Previously Installed

Certain installation circumstances require a laminate flooring surface to be cut after it is installed. Suppose a diagonal transition between the laminate flooring and another flooring type sort is wanted. In that case, laminate flooring should laminate the subfloor along the ideal cut line altogether for the progress to look great.

With the right setup and tools, cutting installed laminate flooring isn’t troublesome, and it looks great when completed. Set the cut depth on a circular saw to 1/32-inch further than the laminate flooring layer’s thickness.

This will guarantee that the saw doesn’t cut into the subflooring. Make sure to put on a couple of safety glasses and adjust the circular saw blade to the flooring chalk line. Lift the blade guard off the beaten path, turn the saw on, and permit the edge to turn up to its full speed.

What Saw do you Use to Cut Flooring?

A typical floor installation includes crosscuts, tears cuts, and bent cuts. Figure out below flooring cutting tips neatly with different types of saw.

With Circular Saw

Likewise, you can utilize a circular saw, yet it will require other devices like a square and some sort of work surface to cut the laminate flooring on. Sawhorses and a bit of plywood wood would make a really perfect workbench for this task and would be the most straightforward and most advantageous technique, as I would like to think.

how to cut laminate flooring with circular saw

With Miter Saw

A miter saw is excellent because all you need is a simple little imprint, and the saw will do the rest of the work. This is the perfect tool and can cut flawless 90-degree cuts or some other point, up to 50 degrees for most saws.

With Jigsaw

A jigsaw is much simpler and can fundamentally be utilized for everything. It’s the ideal tool to remove a shape from onboard, for instance, if you need to put boards around a toilet. Continuously utilize a fine-tooth and have the saw moving before you touch the boards.

With the Table Saw

Table saws consistently produce the best cuts; however, you can likewise utilize a circular saw, a jigsaw, or even a handsaw. Fine-tooth saw blades would create better cuts with less chipping of the laminate surface. Table saws cut down, so for this situation, you cut the planks face up.


With this, we arrive at the end of this “how to cut laminate flooring” guide. We trust that you currently feel sure about cutting laminate. There are various kinds of cutting tools accessible in the market. Each device is fantastic, with its cutting features. It’s up to you which one you have to pick as indicated by your necessity. Just be careful and have persistence while cutting or tearing — no obligation to hurry up.

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