How to Fold a Bandsaw Blade Easily and Safely

How to Fold Bandsaw Blade

A bandsaw is a force saw with a long, sharp blade comprising of a consistent band of toothed metal extended between two wheels to cut material. They are utilized mainly in carpentry, metalworking, and stumbling. However, they may cut an assortment of materials.

Figuring out how to fold a bandsaw blade is fundamental if you have a band saw in your workshop at home. A band saw is an extremely valuable saw which can be utilized to cut through a wide range of various materials. Folding and storing the band saw blade can be troublesome because they are so huge.

Why Fold a Bandsaw Blade

Why do you need to fold a bandsaw blade? Indeed, the most widely recognized reason to be folding one is primary storage. Mostly the use of the band saw, however, is in cutting uneven shapes. The second most normal use is in resawing or tearing wood into thinner pieces. A band saw likewise makes the smoothest cuts and, with the proper blade, can be utilized to cut materials other than wood, including metal.

By folding your bandsaw blades accurately, you’ll have much more space to work with. In littler workshops, making more space is a wonder sometimes – so we know how you feel.

It’s likewise simple to take a look at a bandsaw blade before folding and to feel scared – as you’ve seen what this blade can do to a bit of wood and can imagine what it could do to your fingers. Fortunately, it’s much protected to fold bandsaw blades – as you’ll come to discover. To avoid all the accidents, no way without following band saw proper safety.

How to Coil a Bandsaw Blade

A bandsaw blade is a significant, continuous bit of metal. It takes a ton of room when you change or store the edge. That is the reason you have to fold or coil the blade for storing after finishing purpose of bandsaw. You may likewise observe another term known as ‘coiling.’ With the bandsaw blade – this is a similar thing as folding.

But it needs to be done effectively; else, there is a chance for any undesirable accidents. Since folding bandsaw blades for storage can be a dubious activity.

You can fold your wood or metal cutting bandsaw in two different ways. We will describe them beneath. Before that, make a point to wear your gloves and cover your skin however much as could be expected.

Next up, we’ll be covering bandsaw blades folding tricks that you have to follow, so you can securely fold and store your bandsaw blades.

Steps to Follow to Fold Blade

Step 1: Hold the Blade with Two-Hand

First, hold the circular blade with two hands and ensure the teeth face you. Hold it away from the body, and set the bottom part on the ground. Try to put your hand on the opposite side of the blade.

How to Hold Bandsaw Blade
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Step 2: Push Both Side Together

Then bring your hand by pushing the different sides of the blade. Get the blade comes nearer until your thumbs contact one another. As you bring your blade, it begins to form a loop at the top.

Bandsaw Blade Folding Technic
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Step 3: Keep Bending

Presently make a step again from the saw, so the top part twists forward. Try not to leave the blade and ensure it folds in half.

Technic of Bandsaw Blade Folding
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Step 4: Cross the Blade and Lock It

When the blade twists down, cross your left hand under the right side. It will make a few loops. Presently lift the bottom loop with your left hand to make a loop. At last, wrap the blade loops, so it’s secured.

How to Tie Bandsaw Blade
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How do you fold a band saw blade into four loops?

This is our advanced technique for how to roll a saw blade. Make a point to wear gloves and safety glasses.

  1. Put the blade on a level surface with the teeth pointing endlessly from you. Hold the loop’s base against the floor with your foot and bring your right hand inside the blade and handle the top of the loop immovably from below.
  2. Push the blade down, packing the breadth of the circle by about half.
  3. Twist the blade by turning your right hand, so it makes two loops.
  4. Keep twisting to make more loops while utilizing your left hand to holding the loops as you reposition your right hand. Depending upon the blade’s size, we will commonly fold our blades somewhere in the range of 3 and 5 loops.
  5. Tie the loops together with a curve tie or a zip tie.

That is it. Store your blade for when you are prepared to utilize it once more.

Safety Measures for Folding Bandsaw Blades for Storage

The primary safe technique for storing the band saw blade is folding it up into a similar shape to how the saw was conveyed. The saw can be folded and set inside a wooden box that can be placed in the drawer, left on the seat, or fixed to the wall. So folding the band saw blade by you is simple, yet it may take an extended effort to become accustomed to the method.

  • Cover your skin as much as possible before beginning working
  • Wear long sleeve dresses so that your hands could be safe.
  • Wear thick gloves and eye protectors.
  • Wear foot defenders or shoes.
  • Do not use bare hands to deal with the saw blade since it might damage your hands.


Presently, you ought to have a unique understanding of how to curl a bandsaw blade, and you should be able to fold them safely without harming yourself or harming the edge.

Ideally, you understand the procedure effectively through this content. Likewise, you have to pick the best bandsaw blade which suits your work the most. So be exceptionally careful in choosing the blade.

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