Top 6 Multiple Reciprocating Saws Uses

Reciprocating Saw Uses

Reciprocating saw is a fundamental tool for each home jack of all trades and DIYer. However, for some individuals, they have been proved dangerous. Actually, as you keep fundamental safety rules, a responding saw is a fabulous device that anybody can use unafraid of injury. So in this article, we will research and highlight “what is a reciprocating saw used for”.

What is a Reciprocating Saw?

Any individual who knows about power saws realizes that most of them are utilized for making exact cuts to any number of work pieces. But shouldn’t something be said about when there’s a need to just tear something down, or removed it off and of the way?

A reciprocating saw likewise called the Sawzall or a saber saw, is essentially an electric saw that is utilized for an assortment of home projects. There are huge amounts of family projects that require various tools, yet a reciprocating saw is an all-in-one tool that can replace a few others. It utilizes a pull and pushes motion of the blade to cut, and it is frequently utilized in difficult to arrive at places where no other sort of observed can fit.

You can cut through difficult regions like the corners and floors without a fuss. In this post, we will know about “what is a reciprocating saw used for” that you ought to have as a top priority.

How does a Reciprocating Saw Work?

The strokes, which this saw uses to cut through various kinds of sheets is controlled by the motor. When the motor controls this saw, the motion happens at high speeds and inevitably cuts through the sheets. These saws are favored by many, because of their abilities and features contrasted with different sorts of saws, which incorporate;

  1. They are fantastic for overhead work.
  2. The reciprocating saws more secure to use in ladders
  3. Confined and restricted spaces can be accessed with reciprocating saws.
  4. They have an assortment of uses.

If you have the reciprocating saw, you ought to effectively arrive at speed of more than 2,700 SPM (strokes every moment).

Normal and Innovative Reciprocating Saw Uses

Modern reciprocating saws accompany special types of blades. These blades are intended for various applications. If you select the correct blades, you will have the option to handle your projects effortlessly.

 Reciprocating saws are basic in their most essential form. They cut nearly everything, regardless of whether it’s wood, PVC, or metal. Truth be told, they are demolition devices in nature. So what is a reciprocating saw used for and what’s the best way to use a sawzall: here are the uses for both expert and temporary workers just as homeowners.


If you want to use a reciprocating saw for outside work, for example, pruning, you will need to buy a saw that is controlled off a battery pack. It will make life simpler not stressing over running power cord your front door. You can likewise buy explicit reciprocating blades for pruning. You will have to be careful about caring your vision when pruning. With such simplicity and flexibility, this saw stays a standout amongst other cutting tools for any pruning jobs.

Tree Pruning with Reciprocating Saw

Curved/Straight Cuts

A reciprocating saw simply likes some other saw can likewise make straight or bent cuts. However, there are places that typical saws can’t get to yet the reciprocating saw will handily get to. Thanks to its compact design. It is perfect with the most flexible blades, which make this functionality possible.

Straight Cut with Reciprocating Saw


Reciprocating saws make demolition to be a simple task. You can utilize the coarsest-tooth edge to cut pins and nails which are hard to remove. The same applies to cut plaster. If you might want to cut stones, cast iron, or ceramic tile, then you should utilize the toothless blades which are covered with tungsten carbide abrasive grit.

Demolish with Reciprocating Saw

Salvaging Wooden Stuff

If you utilize a reciprocating saw you will easily salvage scrap wooden pieces. You can easily trim these wooden pieces into lovely and artistic style pieces. You can likewise join your parts and transform some of them into all-around formed pieces for aesthetic woodwork projects.

Salvaging Wooden Stuff with Reciprocating Saw

Changing PVC Piping

Reciprocating saw is also used to cut PVC and metal piping. Numerous plumbers utilize these saws therefore. If you are going to cut through PVC or metal piping, you will require an exceptionally strong blade that can take care of business. It is a smart thought to utilize a double-faced blade that includes a tip for plunge cuts. Reciprocating saw will make this sort of work a lot simpler and easier.

Pipe Cutting with Reciprocating Saw


In rooftop construction, you can utilize a reciprocating saw to fix shingles. You can trim the shingle into a wonderful piece and give them the lost stylish touch once again.

How Thick can a Reciprocating Saw Cut?

There are three facets to a reciprocating saw blade: Length, width, and thickness. The suggested blades for thin metal are those with 20-24 teeth per inch, for a medium width of metal between 10-18 teeth per inch, and for thick metal a blade with around 8 teeth per inch is suggested. The blades of reciprocating saw are usually 7/8-inches wide and 0.062-inches thick.

Can you Cut Trees with a Reciprocating Saw?

Sometimes you may choose to bring down the tree branches in your home. A reciprocating saw is one of the most adaptable power tools you can claim. The blade is astounding in cutting woods and tree limbs with less exertion. It can cut practically any structured material. But it’s incredible for cutting tree branches. Presently you can utilize a standard reciprocating saw blade to cut tree branches, however, you’ll show better results if you utilize a pruning blade.


A reciprocating saw is a multipurpose tool which is used on all manner of surfaces and is lightweight plenty to be picked up surely by most people. By following the user guidelines given here, you can get most out of your reciprocating saw while reducing the possible safety issues. We trust you will make most of our article on “what is a reciprocating saw used for”, if so, please share and rate it.

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