What is a Bandsaw Used for? [Exclusive Uses]

What is a Bandsaw Used for
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Being confused about what is a bandsaw used for? Or, where you can use a bandsaw? It’s an important thing to learn.

However, among the numerous saws, a bandsaw is one of the most worthwhile saw nowadays. Using any bandsaw is quite exciting but straightforward.Before starting work, you must know every single thing about this matter as a serious user.

As a woodworker, you surely need to work using several types of saws to make plenty of designs. No one can avoid these saws.

Don’t waste your time; concentrate on this writing. In this case, we are going to contribute everything about the bandsaw used and other necessary data.Let’s get starting.

What is a Bandsaw?

The bandsaw is one of the powerful cutting saws. With the longer & sharper blade, it helps to cut in metals, woods, or lumber. It features uniform cutting action, distributed tooth load, irregular or curved cutting shapes, etc.

Maximum bandsaws carry two wheels that are rotating in a similar plane. There are different sizes of blade and tooth pitches available in the market. So, users can choose the right one, depending on their cutting metal.

How do You Use a Bandsaw Machine?

Buying a bandsaw is wondering!

A quality bandsaw can be used to cut curves in thick timber, crosscut, irregular shapes, reset the edge of the board, even smooth cuts in metal, aluminum, and plastic.

Now, we focus on different uses of a bandsaw in detail.

Used in a Straight Cut

One of the easier cutting systems is a straight cut that all bandsaws offer. Whatever if you are a fresher or skilled saw worker, you can make this type of cut with ease and quickly.

Just need to select the cutting area and carefully draw using pens or pencil that is your choice. Then, cut your metal according to the drawn line to maintain accuracy. So, using the bandsaw, you successfully complete your desired straight cuts. But you should have a well constructed band saw fence to get a delicate cut.


Resawing is another great cutting strategy of bandsaws. For cutting different boards of thick sides, you can use resaw cutting skillfully. Plus, make sure the smallest thin pieces of your expectations.

Is this resaw process suitable for cutting a large log?

Yes, a bandsaw helps to slash a big log effectively with resawing.

Resawing with a Bandsaw

Perfect Curves & Circles Cuts

A bandsaw is the better option for making perfect curves & circles cutting without any danger. That makes it different from other saws. Making the curves cuts is a little tough if you are a newbie woodworker. Obviously, before starting, draw the line for protecting unnecessary reductions of lumbering.

Although to cut circles is not similar to straight, bandsaw aid to do it properly. So, you can use a small blade for perfect circle cutting.

Using Bandsaw Metal Cuts

Want to cut your metal? Why aren’t you going to the bandsaw for its versatility?

Though metal is quite harder than timber or wood, you just need to use the proper bandsaw blade for cutting.

A bandsaw supports cutting through different types of heavy materials. It is nearly impossible to cut metal as accurate as cut wood. That’s why you should make an effort appropriately.

Make Veneer

Who doesn’t love to create a new excellent design?For formulating outstanding designs, someone needs to make a thin veneer. A bandsaw is highly used for this purpose. It also helps to cut pieces as thin as you would expect.

For this reason, this saw is an excellent tool for setting up matches layout & making veneers correctly.

Small Logs Cuts

A bandsaw is perhaps an ideal one for processing small logs. If you want to use it for the larger wood, you can do it just by including powerful blades. It is easier to make a small size from the big one. Even possible to slice in different sizes or quantities. You need to follow the drawn lines.

Small Log Cut with Bandsaw

Making Lamination

Lamination is another unique cutting strategy that is used to make different shapes. No matter how much your wood thins than the others. A bandsaw works for cutting through any thin or bent lamination as well as making any desired shape.

So, like other cutting techniques, you can easily slice with lamination using this saw. Before starting cutting edge, you should mark your selected area for better cutting and wear hand gloves for safety.

You should read this when want know storing band saw blade- How to Fold a Bandsaw Blade Easily and Safely

What is a Bandsaw Good for?

Typically, a bandsaw is suitable for the curves cutting even in thick timber. Use to create the crosscut in any short piece or rip lumber cut. This band saw is mostly used to create irregular shapes. Alternatively, suitable for cutting in resawing or ripping wood.

Final Thoughts

A bandsaw is perfect for numerous cuts and supports for making incredible furniture designs what you prefer. Using this saw is a little risky so that you can protect it with more and more practice. On the other hand, you must be aware of your safety about the bandsaw. Somehow can’t happen any trauma unconsciously.

Hopefully, you understand what a bandsaw is used for multiple kinds of wood or metal cutting.

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