What is a Tenon Saw Used for [8 Exclusive Uses]

What is a Tenon Saw used for

Find the best answer to what is a tenon saw used for? How to use or what’s the main point of tenon saw? Don’t take stress to get accurate data. We feel your pain. For this reason, we come to discuss this topic.

However, there are tons of saws in today’s market. Getting the perfect one and using it properly is quite tough. A tenon saw is crucial, cutting through the thin wood or plywood for joining the small piece or even large piece of timbers.

When you want to use this saw perfectly, you should always consider the details. Why? Without knowing everything, you can not begin to cut utilizing this saw.

Let’s get started.

What is a Tenon Saw?

A tenon saw is one category of straight cutting saw and the most famous backsaw used to peel different woods. It doesn’t work for cutting through metal. You can’t use it as a deep cutter or cutting a wide wood.

Simply try it for the small piece of hard or soft standard branch. Tenon saw comes with High-Speed Steel and brass, providing outstanding performance. Alternatively, hard-carbon steel is also used to make it. No matter it is suitable for the faster cutting edges.

Why would you Like to Use a Tenon Saw?

A Tenon saw is more well known for its simple design and usable parts or fractions. What are the main parts?

Blade and handle are the main fractions of a standard Tenon saw. The Tenon saw’s handle is known as a pistol grip handle. The handle is exceptionally smooth and comfortable for users who cut the wood. So, you can use this with confidence.

How to Cut with Tenon Saw

There are 250mm to 350mm lengths of all types of the tenon saw blade. Is it possible to wipe out the blade from the handle?

‘Definitely not.’

Because maximum tenon saws come to a non-removable blade so that you can’t withdraw it from the handle, for this reason, it is easy to use and handle.On the other hand, most of the tenon saw blades have ten to fourteen teeth per inch. Just because of their more consistency, you can complete cuts smoothly.

Where can You Use the Tenon Saw?

A tenon saw is used for many purposes. Where you can use a tenon saw that depends on your need. We try to show 8 popular uses of a tenon saw. Just look at the below.

Used for Cutting Through

For cutting a tenon fraction, you can use this saw comfortably. It can be used to cut through the wood’s grain. If you want to cut straight, you apply this amazing saw. Its blade is just perfect for maximum cuts.

Cutting the Tenon and Mortise Joints

Want to cut your tenon and mortise joints? This kind of saw is better for doing that due to its exclusive design. You can not avoid tenon and mortise joints to make various furniture. So, it is essential for creating an outstanding design.

Tenon Saw Mortise Joint

Joints furniture

For making different shapes of furniture, you need to cut in several sizes of wood. Circular or square shapes or other shapes can be made easily using the Tenon saw. It doesn’t matter what the complicated part of cutting-edge.

How to Use a Tenon Saw?

To use a tenon saw is straightforward, like other backsaws. But if you are a novice or beginner user, you can follow some easy directions to avoid damage.


People who draw lines before starting cuts get the best shape and perfect cutting outline. A pencil is used to draw on. For straight cuts, you can also use a scale accuracy.


Now, you complete drawing a line in the selected area. Fix the tenon saw through your drawn line of the wood. So, make sure of the position of your edge.

Starting Cut

At this moment, using this tenon saw, you need to start cuts. Are you ready? Don’t get anxious.

Just concentrate on the blade. Try to keep a balance between the saw and wood. Use both hands for cutting. Just go through the drawn line straight. You move it carefully to protect against any unexpected accident.

Where to Use Tenon Saw

Cutting Method

Keep saw on a standpoint to cut down on the target depth. This is a common strategy. Then you begin to cut down the opposite side of wood until completing work. When you end your cut, keep the tenon saw flat. Finally, take it and keep it in the room safely.

When would You Use a Tenon Saw?

Generally, a tenon saw is one of the best cutting saws for the joinery pieces. You can work fastly. The setting system is also simple to the small piece of wood. Someone who wants to fit it into the hole, he/she can do it.

Deeper cutting or cross-cutting that’s not the fact of this tenon saw. Ultimately, you would like to use this saw to cut any portion of hardwood or softwood and make your choices shape without any hesitation in mind.

Do you love to make lots of furniture? This one is more effective to make the proper design as fast as possible.On the other hand, you cannot cut curves using this tenon saw. It’s very horrible for

you. Also, it is not suitable for cutting thick timber.

Final Words

A tenon saw’s blade is sharp. While using, take some safety steps such as check the handle, don’t touch blade teeth, try to use safety glasses, and wear gloves. And appoint the proper size of timber. That’s enough to protect against any injury.

Our post has already given you a depth idea of what is a tenon saw used forBe sure you get everything on this topic that is helpful. Now, you enjoy your tenon saw cutting and introduce a new experience.

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