Who Makes the Craftsman Chainsaws: Full Story of Craftsman

Who Makes Craftsman Chainsaws
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Who makes the Craftsman chainsaws? Is it Sears?  Husqvarna?  Maybe even Poulan (After all, both saws have a close resemblance). Makita? Black and Decker? Anyone?

You are on the right page to get the answer to this question. Stick on, as we uncover many facts behind the craftsman chainsaw together.

Past and Present of The Craftsman Chainsaw

The history of the craftsman chainsaw is a bit muddled, something typical with records. The Marion craftsman tools corporation initially coined the name craftsman. The Sears Company took ownership of the name for $500 from the Marion-craftsman tools company in 1927. Since then, craftsman sprung up. Ever since Sears was in charge of the craftsman brand, they source the parts from different manufacturing companies.

At first, it was known as Craftsman Sears. Later replaced to Companion in 1980, before changing to Craftsman Evolv in 2008. In early March 2017, Sears handed over the craftsman brand to Stanley+Black and Decker. Though Sears still has a statutory free license for 15 years, having the authority to continue making saws. This license allows both companies to use the craftsman label.  Today, exclusive ownership goes to Black and Decker. Though Sears still has a right to produce utilizing the craftsman logo.

Craftsman Chainsaw
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Who Makes Craftsman Chainsaws?

The craftsman chainsaw’s actual makers may be unclear to those who don’t follow craftsman history. Not to worry, though; we aim to give you the needed clarity. Presently Sears and Black and Decker are licensed to produce craftsman saws. Black And Decker is a branch of the Husqvarna group. Meaning, Husqvarna is a significant stakeholder in the making of Craftsman chainsaws. It is very logical as many Craftsman chainsaws are similar to Poulan and Poulan pro products.

The Husqvarna Group is the link between both. Since Husqvarna has many brands and products, the craftsman technologies are pockets from their many other brands like Poulan and Makita; the components parts are outsourced from different locations; we are not so sure where exactly, though, but it could be from the USA, China, Sweden, and other countries where the Husqvarna group is located. The parts are coupled and sold under the craftsman’s name. Sears, the original producer, will still make and sells craftsman products from a time before the license expires.

The incredible-pull craftsman chainsaw is credited to the MTD Company. This chainsaw is different in design from other craftsman chainsaws that has features with other Husqvarna chainsaw products. MTD isn’t directly under Husqvarna. It branches from the Black and Decker Company. With craftsman as one of its many subdivisions.

Some of the Craftsman Brands Out There

Craftsman chainsaws are available as gas-powered, electric (corded and cordless), pole saws. They come in many designs with cutting-edge features like an anti-vibration handle, automatic oiler, easy start, automatic tensioner, etc.

Below are the top 4 picks of the craftsman Chainsaw:

Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S

Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S
Image Credit: Craftsman dot com

This saw was designed for professionals, but homeowners are presently falling in love with it. One thing that makes this saw stand out is that you can use it for a prolonged period, courtesy of the pro-grade chassis. It is engineered to cut through tough woods easily.

20inch Craftsman Gas Chainsaw

It comes with an automatic oiler, ensuring prolonged use, a pro-grade chassis for longer run time, inertia activated chain and a buckling spike for better handling and control.

20 inch Craftsman Gas Chainsaw
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Craftsman V60 Cordless Chainsaw

It is a battery-powered chainsaw that is very efficient. It’s mostly suitable for homeowners. Features include a V6 engine, automatic oiler, 16-inch guide bar, a low kickback bar and chain, a powerful battery.

Craftsman V60 Cordless Chainsaw

Craftsman V20 Pole Chainsaw

This saw is rated to reach tall heights and more significant run time. Below are some of its features: an angled head and blade, a robust functional battery, an extended 16-inch reach.

How are Craftsman Saws Rated in The Market?

Over the years, the craftsman has changed ownership, but each new management always aims to produce great tools that are durable and serviceable to users. Craftsman continues to be a top pick among durable, affordable tools in the market. Still rated as one of the best brands globally, it offers products with new advanced technology.

How Does Craftsman Relate with These Brands: Husqvarna, Poulan, Black+decker, Makita

Each of these brands above has a common denominator that links every one of them together. The link is Husqvarna. You may wonder how that is. Here is how. Husqvarna Group, a large umbrella from which many other brands like Poulan, Makita, and many brands sprang up. It is a broad group that is chiefly or partly owes one more of these companies. Stanley, Black, and Decker, which presently own craftsman, is a Husqvarna group subsidiary.

Many have said that some craftsman saws closely resemble Poulan. They are not so far from the truth. Craftsman technology comes from a variety of companies that makes parts. Poulan technology may be one of them since they are kin (falling under the same Husqvarna group).

The Best Craftsman Chainsaw in the Market

To pick one chainsaw as the “Best” of all can be very difficult, not without arguments and counter-arguments. Well, either way, there must be one chainsaw that appeals to all. For the craftsman brand, it is the 18″ 42CC gas chainsaw. This saw is the bomb. The engine’s power is superb. The saw has perfect lightweight, making work easy to do and allowing for longer working hours—this feature matched with the Antivibration technology providing the ideal work balance.

What’s more, it comes with the incredible-pull feature. An easy-to-start technology is known in some Craftsman chainsaws. Other technologies that complement this saw are the automatic chain oiler, automatic tensioner, and ease of maintenance.


The topic has readers clear on who makes the craftsman, I believe.

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